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Features of Constitution1

Is there a constitution? Yes
Does the constitution provide for freedom of religion? No


Constitution Year 1976
Last Amended 2002
Source Political Database of the Americas
Translation Unofficial translation by ARDA staff from Spanish source
Current as of May 11, 2011

Constitution Excerpts (clauses that reference religion)2


The state recognizes, respects and guarantees freedom of religion. In the Republic of Cuba, religious institutions are separate from the state.
Different beliefs and religions enjoy the same consideration.


Discrimination for reasons of race, skin color, sex, national origin, religious beliefs or other form of discrimination harmful to human dignity is forbidden and will be punished by law. The institutions of the state educate everyone from the earliest possible age in the principle of equality among human beings.


The state consecrates the right achieved by the Revolution that all citizens, regardless of race, skin color, sex, religious belief, national origin and other distinction which discrimination on basis of would be harmful to human dignity:
- have access, according to their merit and abilities, to all offices and positions of the state, public administration, and the production and delivery of services;
- can reach any rank in the Revolutionary Armed Forces and in Security and internal order, according to their merits and abilities;
- be given equal pay for equal work;
- may enjoy teaching in all educational institutions in the country, ranging from primary schools to universities, which are the same for all;
- be given health care in all medical institutions;
- live in any sector, zone or area of the cities and stay in any hotel;
- be served at all restaurants and other public service establishments;
- use, without any separations, all means of transportation by sea, land and air;
- enjoy the same resorts, beaches, parks, social clubs and other places of culture, sports, recreation and relaxation.


The state, which recognizes, respects and guarantees freedom of conscience and of religion, also recognizes, respects and guarantees every citizen's freedom to change religious beliefs or to not have any, and to profess or not profess, in compliance with the law, the religion of their preference.
The law regulates the state's relations with religious institutions.

[Note: The constitutional text hosted by the Political Database of the Americas is reproduced from official government sources.]


1.  Data under the "Features of Constitution" heading are drawn from coding of the U.S. State Department's 2008 International Religious Freedom Reports conducted by researchers at the Association of Religion Data Archives. The article by Brian Grim and Roger Finke describes the coding of the International Religious Freedom reports. A dataset with these and the other international measures highlighted on the country pages can be downloaded from this website. Used with permission.

2.  The constitutional excerpts shown above are reproduced from the websites given in the "Source" field; the links to these websites were active as of May 2011. Where the constitutional text shown on these websites was provided in a language other than English, this text was translated to English by ARDA staff with assistance from web-based translation utilities such as Google Translate and Yahoo! Babel Fish. Constitutional text was converted to American English where applicable. Constitutional clauses were judged to contain religious content based largely on the standards used in the construction of the Religion and State Constitutions Dataset collected by Jonathan Fox. Emphases were added to the text by ARDA staff to highlight religious content in articles that also contain content that does not pertain to matters of religion. The data on this page were correct to the best of the knowledge of the ARDA as of the date listed in the "Current as of" field shown above. Please contact us at if you are aware of any incorrect information provided on this page.

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