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Learning modules allow you to interactively explore the best data and information sources on religion. The “Core Modules” offer a broad overview of topics and provide detailed directions, while the "Topical Modules" address specific topics and vary in the directions given.

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[ Core Modules | Religion and Society | Specific Religious Groups | Religious Congregations and Leaders | Religion, Age and Gender | Dimensions of Religiosity | International Religion ]

Core Modules

  • Exploring Congregations in America Guided Level 2
  • Exploring Denominations in the United States Guided Level 1
  • Exploring Individuals’ Religious Beliefs and Behaviors Guided Level 1
  • Exploring International Religion Guided Level 1
  • Exploring the U.S. Religious Landscape Guided Level 1

    Topical Modules

    Religion and Society TypeLevel
  • Americans and Religious Diversity Self-Directed Level 2
  • Crime and Religion Self-Directed Level 2
  • Is the United State a Christian Nation? Self-Directed Level 2
  • Religion and Music Self-Directed Level 1
  • Religion and Politics Self-Directed Level 2
  • Religion and Science Self-Directed Level 2
  • Religion and Views on Homosexuality Self-Directed Level 2
  • Religion in Public Schools Self-Directed Level 1
  • Spreading the Word: How Americans Share Their Faith Self-Directed Level 2
    Specific Religious Groups TypeLevel
  • Catholics > Regional Variations in Religiosity: A Case Study of the Catholic Church Self-Directed Level 1
  • Catholics > Vatican II and the Geographic Origin of Council Members Self-Directed Level 1
  • Catholics > Women and Men in the Catholic Church Self-Directed Level 2
  • Evangelical Protestants > Evangelicals in the United States Self-Directed Level 2
  • Mormons > Exploring Denominations: Mormons in America Self-Directed Level 1
  • The Variety of Secularities Self-Directed Level 2
    Religious Congregations and Leaders TypeLevel
  • Clergy Satisfaction and Vocational Commitment Self-Directed Level 2
  • Congregations' Social and Community Engagement Guided Level 2
  • Musical Instruments in Church Self-Directed Level 1
  • Preparing to Visit a Congregation Self-Directed Level 2
  • Views of Religious Authorities Self-Directed Level 2
  • Who is Leading America's Congregations? A Social Demographic Profile of U.S. Pastors Guided Level 2
    Religion, Age and Gender TypeLevel
  • Boys, Girls, and Religion: How Adolescent Religiosity Differs by Gender Self-Directed Level 1
  • Religion and Age Self-Directed Level 1
  • Women and Religion in the United States Self-Directed Level 1
  • Women in the Seminary Self-Directed Level 2
  • Youth, Religion, and Volunteering Self-Directed Level 2
    Dimensions of Religiosity TypeLevel
  • Attitudes versus Behaviors: Religion and Helping Others Guided Level 2
  • Beliefs About Life After Death Self-Directed Level 1
  • Ghosts, UFOs, and Other Paranormal Beliefs Self-Directed Level 2
  • Religious Experience in Everyday Life Self-Directed Level 2
  • The Scientific Study of Religion: Measuring Religiosity Guided Level 1
    International Religion TypeLevel
  • Exploring Religion and Religious Freedom in Nations Self-Directed Level 1
  • Exploring Religious Minorities Across Nations Self-Directed Level 1
  • International Religious Regulation and Freedom Self-Directed Level 1

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