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Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington

Denominational Groups, 2000

3,600,297 1,769,114 177,339 11,438,854 2,296,083 25,743,950
Evangelical Protestant Mainline Protestant Orthodox Catholic Other Unclaimed

Congregational "adherents" include all full members, their children, and others who regularly attend services. The historically African American denominations are not included in the 2000 congregation and membership totals. Many are also missing in 1990 and most historically African American denominations are missing in the 1980 reports.
[More information on the data sources]


Religious Bodies Theology Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
Advent Christian ChurchEvangelical Protestant------
African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchEvangelical Protestant------
Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist ConnectionEvangelical Protestant1280.0
American Association of Lutheran ChurchesEvangelical Protestant------
American Baptist Association, TheEvangelical Protestant17713,9990.3
American Baptist Churches in the USAMainline Protestant742218,4164.9
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, TheOrthodox3813,8320.3
Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, North American DiocesesOrthodox98,1640.2
Apostolic Christian Church of America, Inc.Evangelical Protestant44980.0
Apostolic Christian Churches (Nazarene)Evangelical Protestant127490.0
Apostolic Lutheran Church of AmericaEvangelical Protestant------
Armenian Apostolic Church / Catholicossate of CiliciaOrthodox829,2000.6
Armenian Apostolic Church / Catholicossate of EtchmiadzinOrthodox2025,5950.6
Assemblies of GodEvangelical Protestant1,958498,96311.1
Associate Reformed Presbyterian ChurchEvangelical Protestant104240.0
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, TheEvangelical Protestant161,8210.0
Bahá'íOther Theology38835,2230.8
Baptist General ConferenceEvangelical Protestant22390,0612.0
Baptist Missionary Association of AmericaEvangelical Protestant252,3940.1
Berean Fundamental ChurchEvangelical Protestant------
Black Baptists EstimateEvangelical Protestant------
Brethren Church, The (Ashland, Ohio)Evangelical Protestant41230.0
Brethren In Christ ChurchEvangelical Protestant201,9870.0
BuddhismOther Theology686----
Calvary Chapel Fellowship ChurchesEvangelical Protestant345----
Catholic ChurchCatholic2,03911,438,854254.1
Christian and Missionary Alliance, TheEvangelical Protestant33176,1831.7
Christian BrethrenEvangelical Protestant------
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Mainline Protestant26260,1701.3
Christian Churches and Churches of ChristEvangelical Protestant473150,0533.3
Christian Reformed Church in North AmericaEvangelical Protestant16236,1700.8
Church of Christ, ScientistOther Theology------
Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)Evangelical Protestant24232,2810.7
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)Evangelical Protestant31037,7180.8
Church of God (Seventh Day)Evangelical Protestant------
Church of God General ConferenceEvangelical Protestant51860.0
Church of God in Christ, MennoniteEvangelical Protestant61,3540.0
Church of God of ProphecyEvangelical Protestant1718,4900.2
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, TheOther Theology2,241873,66419.4
Church of the BrethrenEvangelical Protestant455,7610.1
Church of the Lutheran Brethren of AmericaEvangelical Protestant------
Church of the Lutheran ConfessionEvangelical Protestant------
Church of the NazareneEvangelical Protestant711155,7263.5
Church of the United Brethren in ChristEvangelical Protestant------
Churches of ChristEvangelical Protestant997113,0342.5
Churches of God, General ConferenceEvangelical Protestant85550.0
Community of ChristEvangelical Protestant11013,4730.3
Congregational Christian Churches, Additional (not part of any national CCC body)Mainline Protestant109350.0
Conservative Baptist Association of AmericaEvangelical Protestant474109,1162.4
Conservative Congregational Christian ConferenceEvangelical Protestant188,8190.2
Coptic Orthodox ChurchOrthodox21----
Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchEvangelical Protestant51,1530.0
Episcopal ChurchMainline Protestant769252,6325.6
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran ChurchMainline Protestant------
Evangelical Covenant Church, TheEvangelical Protestant17449,9091.1
Evangelical Free Church of America, TheEvangelical Protestant23963,6571.4
Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaMainline Protestant905359,7918.0
Evangelical Lutheran SynodEvangelical Protestant------
Evangelical Methodist ChurchEvangelical Protestant------
Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchEvangelical Protestant92,3630.1
Fellowship of Evangelical Bible ChurchesEvangelical Protestant21800.0
Fire Baptized Holiness Church, (Wesleyan), TheEvangelical Protestant------
Free Methodist Church of North AmericaEvangelical Protestant17825,0410.6
Friends (Quakers)Mainline Protestant18518,4130.4
General Association of Regular Baptist ChurchesEvangelical Protestant19029,2020.6
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of AmericaOrthodox5342,5190.9
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of VasiloupulisOrthodox104,3230.1
HinduOther Theology164----
Holy Orthodox Church in North AmericaOrthodox53910.0
Hutterian BrethrenEvangelical Protestant66000.0
Independent Fundamental Churches of AmericaEvangelical Protestant------
Independent, Charismatic ChurchesEvangelical Protestant110248,6305.5
Independent, Non-Charismatic ChurchesEvangelical Protestant161197,7754.4
International Church of the Foursquare GospelEvangelical Protestant881209,7434.7
International Churches of ChristEvangelical Protestant1122,6910.5
International Council of Community ChurchesMainline Protestant316,8190.2
International Pentecostal Holiness ChurchEvangelical Protestant16516,4830.4
JainOther Theology9----
Jewish EstimateOther Theology4851,079,65024.0
Landmark Missionary Baptists, Independent Associations and Unaffiliated ChurchesEvangelical Protestant321,7140.0
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaMainline Protestant------
Lutheran Church--Missouri SynodEvangelical Protestant629199,2864.4
Macedonian Orthodox Church: American DioceseOrthodox16000.0
Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North AmericaOrthodox1900.0
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, American Diocese of theOrthodox25250.0
Mennonite Brethren Churches, U.S. Conference ofEvangelical Protestant8715,8850.4
Mennonite Church USAEvangelical Protestant645,7530.1
Mennonite; Other GroupsEvangelical Protestant212,3170.1
Missionary Church, TheEvangelical Protestant4812,0880.3
Moravian Church in America--Alaska ProvinceMainline Protestant242,5620.1
Moravian Church in America--Northern ProvinceMainline Protestant23450.0
Muslim EstimateOther Theology192282,5296.3
National Association of Congregational Christian ChurchesMainline Protestant4610,6970.2
National Association of Free Will BaptistsEvangelical Protestant694,3810.1
National Primitive Baptist Convention, USAEvangelical Protestant41,1040.0
Netherlands Reformed CongregationsEvangelical Protestant33360.0
New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches and other Fundamental Baptist Associations/FellowshipsEvangelical Protestant9618,7200.4
North American Baptist ConferenceEvangelical Protestant8121,8020.5
Old Order Amish ChurchEvangelical Protestant1340.0
Old Regular BaptistsEvangelical Protestant------
Open Bible Standard Churches, Inc.Evangelical Protestant------
Orthodox Church in America: Bulgarian DioceseOrthodox84,3750.1
Orthodox Church in America: Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of AmericaOrthodox103,3990.1
Orthodox Church in America: Territorial DiocesesOrthodox8127,3830.6
Orthodox Presbyterian Church, TheEvangelical Protestant575,0940.1
Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USAOrthodox3----
Pentecostal Church of GodEvangelical Protestant31229,8150.7
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)Mainline Protestant984346,2817.7
Presbyterian Church in AmericaEvangelical Protestant9912,9830.3
Primitive Baptist Churches--Old LineEvangelical Protestant31----
Primitive Baptists AssociationsEvangelical Protestant------
Protestant Reformed Churches in AmericaEvangelical Protestant23760.0
Reformed Baptist ChurchesEvangelical Protestant34----
Reformed Church in AmericaMainline Protestant5439,9170.9
Reformed Church in the United StatesEvangelical Protestant109310.0
Reformed Episcopal ChurchEvangelical Protestant------
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of RussiaOrthodox26----
Salvation Army, TheEvangelical Protestant22274,6991.7
Serbian Orthodox Church in the USAOrthodox147,9050.2
Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA (New Gracanica Metropolitanate)Orthodox5----
Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA and CanadaEvangelical Protestant------
Seventh-day Adventist ChurchEvangelical Protestant905271,3636.0
SikhOther Theology70----
Southern Baptist ConventionEvangelical Protestant1,879609,72113.5
Southwide Baptist FellowshipEvangelical Protestant7----
Syrian Orthodox Church of AntiochOrthodox77,6250.2
TaoOther Theology21----
The Protestant Conference (Lutheran)Evangelical Protestant------
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USAOrthodox51,4130.0
Unitarian Universalist Association of CongregationsOther Theology12725,0170.6
United Church of ChristMainline Protestant47495,5962.1
United Methodist Church, TheMainline Protestant1,202352,9937.8
United Reformed Churches in North AmericaEvangelical Protestant143,0730.1
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community ChurchesMainline Protestant393,5470.1
Vineyard USAEvangelical Protestant14637,1160.8
Wesleyan Church, TheEvangelical Protestant9228,6150.6
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran SynodEvangelical Protestant9415,6980.3
ZoroastrianOther Theology13----
Totals (Unadjusted)*:   26,519 19,281,687  
Total (Adjusted)**:     22,493,814  

The population of these counties (or equivalents) in 1990 was 39,127,306; in 2000 it was 45,025,637. The total population changed 15.1%. The unadjusted adherent totals of the religious groups listed above (19,281,687) include 42.8% of the total population in 2000. The adjusted total adherents (22,493,814) include 50.0% of the population.


*The “Unadjusted Totals” come from the 1990 and 2000 data collected by representatives of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB). While quite comprehensive, this data excludes most of the historically African-American denominations and some other major groups. As a result, these numbers will be an underestimate of the total adherence rate, particularly in areas with a large African-American population. The 2000 data included 149 religious groups and the final results are published in Religious Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000. Copyright © 2002, All rights reserved. The 1990 data included 132 groups and the final results are published in Churches and Church Membership in the United States 1990 Copyright © 1990, All rights reserved. Published by Glenmary Research Center, 1312 Fifth Ave., North, Nashville, TN 37208. [More information on the data collection]

**The “Adjusted Totals” include all adherents in the denominations counted by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and estimates adherent totals for the historically African-American denominations and other religious groups not listed in the ASARB totals. An article by Roger Finke and Christopher P. Scheitle (2005) reviews how these estimates were computed.

The adherence rate provides the number of adherents of a particular group per 1,000 population. For example, in 2000 the Episcopal Church had an adherence rate of approximately 8 (8.1) in Autauga County, Alabama. This means that 8 out of every 1,000 people in Autauga County are Episcopalian.

[More information on the data source]

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