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  • Jewish-Gentile Intermarriage: Definitions and Consequences.
    Frideres, James S., and Jay E. Goldstein (1974)
    Social Compass 21:1: 69-84.

    Data from a western Canadian community suggest an absence of negative consequences for children of their parents' exogamy.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Canada; Canada; Family; Marriage
  • Religious Denomination, Education, and University Students' Reported Agreement with Parents' Religious Beliefs.
    Hunsberger, Bruce E. (1973)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Manitoba.

    Data from a western Canadian community suggest an absence of negative consequences for children of their parents' exogamy.

    Associated Search Terms: Denomination (organizational entity); Students, undergraduate; Education; Socialization; Belief; Canada
  • Parental Images and Representations of God.
    Vergote, Antoine, and Catherine Aubert (1972)
    Social Compass 19:3: 431-444.

    Describes the development of an adjective check list instrument for assessing masculine & feminine parental images of God; reports results of a factor analysis of cross-cultural data gathered this way.

    Associated Search Terms: Adjective check list; God, image of; Comparative; Factor analysis
  • Parental Support, Control and Adolescent Religiosity: An Extension of Previous Research.
    Weigert, Andrew J., and Darwin L. Thomas (1972)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 11:4: 389-393.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from Mormon Sunday school students in a small western U.S. university town; parental control & support correlated with religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Mormon, U.S.A.; Adolescents; Family; Socialization
  • Religion und Familie. Soziologische Problemstellung und Hypothesen.
    Vaskovics, László A. (1972)
    In Jakovus Wössner (ed.) Religion im Umbruch: Soziologische Beiträge zur Situation von Religion und Kirche in der gegenwärtigen Gesellschaft. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke Verlag, pp. 328-352.

    Overview, & examination of denominations of children of religiously mixed parents.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Socialization
  • Family, Ritual and Secularization. A Cross-National Study Conducted in Bulgaria, Finland, Germany and Ireland.
    Lüschen, Günther, Zaharj Staikof, Veronica Stolte Heiskanan, and Conor Ward (1972)
    Social Compass 19:4: 519-536.

    Analyzes interview data from parents of school-age children in 5 societies representing Protestant & Catholic settings of high & low modernization.

    Associated Search Terms: Bulgaria, Sofia; Germany, Cologne; Germany, Bremen; Ireland, Dublin; Finland, Helsinki; Protestant, Europe; Catholic, Europe; Secularization; Ritual; Family
  • Dimensions of Pluralism: An Examination of the Generational Hypothesis
    Lavender, Abraham D. (1972)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Maryland. [DA 34:2 A, p. 886]

    Analyzes 1971 questionnaire data from Jewish students at the University of Maryland, College Park; parents' religious observance best predicted respondents' observance & social identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Students, undergraduate; Jewish, U.S.A.; Practice
  • The Membership of a Cult: The Spiritualist National Union.
    Nelson, Geoffrey K. (1972)
    Review of Religious Research 13:3: 170-177.

    Based on a 1968 survey of a central England district of the Spiritualist National Union; members wish to understand psychic gifts, are unhappy with Christianity, seek meaning, are influenced by parents & friends, & seek healing & comfort in grief.

    Associated Search Terms: Spiritualist National Union; Spiritualist, Great Britain; Great Britain; Cult
  • A Study of the Relationship between the Religious Orientation of Roman Catholic Parents and their Attitudes toward Roman Catholic Schools.
    Maher, Joseph A. (1971)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, New York University. [DA 32:10 A, p. 5632]

    Analyzes questionnaire data from parents of Catholic elementary school students in New York City.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, New York, New York; Education; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Roman Catholics and Their Schools.
    VanKemenade, Josephus Antonius (1971)
    Sociologia Neerlandicaa 7:1: 15-27.

    Surveys Dutch Catholic educators & parents; finds an increase of belief that separate schools are not necessary, though that is till very much a minority view.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Netherlands; Netherlands; Education
  • Family Factors and the Religious Belief Systems of Adolescents.
    Wieting, Stephen G. (1971)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Minnesota. [DA 32:11 A, p. 6573]

    Analyzes questionnaire data from Protestant adolescents & their parents in the Minneapolis area; shows cross-generational continuity in beliefs, discontinuity in organizational aspects of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Semantic differential; Stratification; Salience; United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis; Individualism; Socialization; Family; Adolescents
  • Roman Catholics and Their Schools.
    Kemenade, Josephus Antonius van (1971)
    Sociologia Neerlandica 7:1: 15-27.

    Analyzes survey data from parents, teachers, & principals of Dutch Catholic schools; shows a desire to retain religiously-sponsored education but to overcome isolation from other churches.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Netherlands; Catholic, Netherlands; Ecumenism
  • Socialization and Religisoity: A Cross-national Analysis of Catholic Adolescents.
    Weigert, Andrew J., and Darwin L. Thomas (1970)
    Sociometry 33:3: 305-326.

    Analyzes data from purposive samples from male Catholic high schools in New York St. Paul, San Juan, & Merida; dimensions of religiosity relate to adolescents' perception of the control & support received from parents.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico, Merida; United States, Minnesota, St. Paul; United States, New York, New York; Socialization; Family; Puerto Rico, San Juan; Comparative; Catholic; Students, secondary; Dimensions of religiosity
  • Concept of God and Parental Images.
    Vergote, Antoine, Alvaro Tamayo, Luiz Pasquasi, Michel Bonami, Marie-Rose Pattyn, and Anne Custers (1969)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 8:1: 79-87.

    Compares adjective check list data from U.S. male & female students; also compares with Dutch & French-speaking Belgian students. American males have a slightly more maternal image of God.

    Associated Search Terms: Sex; Comparative; Students, undergraduate; Students, secondary; God, image of
  • Change in Religious Affiliation and Family Stability: A Second Study.
    Crockett, Harry J., Jr., Nicholas Babchuk, and John A. Ballweg (1969)
    Journal of Marriage and the Family 31:3: 464-468.

    Analyzes 1966-67 interview data from parents in a Midwest American city; shows religiously homogamous marriages, whether achieved by a conversion or not, more stable than mixed ones.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Conversion
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