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The PALS seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change among diverse individuals and families over the course of their lives.
Results & Summaries

Religious Beliefs (ACASI)

  All frequencies weighted by PAWT2

Which statement best describes your beliefs about Jesus Christ? (ARBL_1)
-7) Refused471.8
-4) Don't know291.1
1) He was the divine, only Son of God190773.2
2) A prophet of God, but not God1726.6
3) A wise man or a good moral teacher, but not God28310.9
4) He was just another person762.9
5) He was something else not described above843.2
6) Not heard of Jesus Christ6.2
Was your religious text fully inspired by God, partly inspired by God, or not inspired by God? (ARBL_3)
-7) Refused512
-4) Don't know582.2
1) Fully inspired by God151958.3
2) Partly inspired by God74328.5
3) Not inspired by God2178.3
4) I have never heard of the religious text16.6
Outside of religious worship services, have you read any part of your religious text in the past twelve months? (ARBL_9)
-7) Refused341.3
-4) Don't know4.2
1) Yes159061.4
2) No96037.1
[If ARBL_9=1, GO TO ARBL_10; ELSE GO TO ARBL_11] How often have you typically read your religious text in the past twelve months? (ARBL_10)
-7) Refused2.1
-4) Don't know7.4
1) Once1147.2
2) A few times56635.6
3) Once a month1418.9
4) 2-3 times a month18311.5
5) Once a week1127
6) A few times a week (but less than every day)26216.5
7) Once a day1559.7
8) More than once a day483
Are you part of a small group that studies your religious text? (ARBL_11)
-7) Refused351.4
-4) Don't know5.2
1) Yes44917.3
2) No209981.1
At your meals at home, how often does someone say grace or give thanks aloud? (ARBL_12)
-7) Refused331.3
-4) Don't know5.2
1) Never68526.3
2) A few times a year68626.3
3) Once a month1054
4) 2-3 times a month1074.1
5) Once a week823.1
6) A few times a week but less than every day2529.7
7) Once a day29111.2
8) More than once a day35913.8
In the past twelve months how often have you typically prayed, not including before meals and at religious services? (ARBL_13)
-7) Refused351.3
-4) Don't know8.3
1) Never40515.5
2) A few times43816.8
3) Once a month1224.7
4) 2-3 times a month2098
5) Once a week1154.4
6) A few times a week (but less than every day)37014.2
7) Once a day44617.1
8) 2-3 times a day29311.2
9) More than 3 times a day1646.3
[IF CI_1=1-9 OR 12 ASK ARBL_14. ELSE SKIP TO ARA_1. IF CI_1=1-7 FILL "a (CI_1 ANSWER)". IF CI_1=8 OR 9 FILL "an (CI_1 ANSWER)". IF CI_1=12 FILL "CI_3 ANSWER".] Have you ever tried to encourage someone to become a member of your religion? (ARBL_14)
-7) Refused331.4
-4) Don't know6.3
1) Yes90439.6
2) No134058.7

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