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The PALS seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change among diverse individuals and families over the course of their lives.
Results & Summaries

Housing Choice

  All frequencies weighted by PAWT2

-4) Don't know4.2
1) Single family house190072.8
2) Multifamily house (more than one family lives in the same structure)732.8
3) Single-unit apartment (only one unit in structure)361.4
4) Multi-unit apartment (more than one unit in structure)41916.1
5) Apartment or room in house11.4
7) Trailer973.7
8) Other702.7
In what year did you personally move to this residence? (HC_3)
-7) Refused10
-4) Don't Know10.4
1949) Before 19506.2
1954) 1950-195418.7
1959) 1955-195923.9
1964) 1960-1964351.3
1965) 196512.5
1966) 19666.2
1967) 19678.3
1968) 196814.5
1969) 19699.3
1970) 19704.2
1971) 197111.4
1972) 197212.5
1973) 197315.6
1974) 197412.5
1975) 197522.8
1976) 1976281.1
1977) 197710.4
1978) 197816.6
1979) 197914.5
1980) 1980261
1981) 1981281.1
1982) 198211.4
1983) 1983291.1
1984) 198424.9
1985) 1985321.2
1986) 1986512
1987) 198720.8
1988) 1988341.3
1989) 1989381.5
1990) 1990532
1991) 1991471.8
1992) 1992582.2
1993) 1993441.7
1994) 1994501.9
1995) 1995602.3
1996) 1996652.5
1997) 1997732.8
1998) 1998542.1
1999) 19991174.5
2000) 2000993.8
2001) 20011355.2
2002) 20021405.4
2003) 20031857.1
2004) 20042188.4
2005) 200539415.1
2006) 20062379.1
Do you rent, own, or are you currently living here rent-free? (HC_5)
-7) Refused10
-4) Don't know3.1
1) Rent82931.8
2) Own156660
3) Live for free2128.1
Were you personally involved in the search for this home? (That is, did you help find this residence or was that done by other without your help?) (HC_6)
-7) Refused00
-4) Don't know00
1) Yes187171.8
2) No73428.2
[If HC_6=Yes, skip to HC_7; else go to HC_19.] Was anyone else involved in the search for this home? (HC_7)
1) Yes141175.4
2) No46024.6
[If HC_7=Yes, go to HC_9; else go to HC_10.] Who was the person most involved in this search? (HC_9A)
-4) Don't know00
1) Self1309.2
2) Parent (includes step, foster, adoptive)846
3) Child (includes step, foster, adoptive)292.1
4) Sibling (includes step, foster, adoptive)302.1
5) Spouse92065.2
6) Unmarried partner584.1
7) Roommate352.5
13) Other relative362.6
14) Other non-relative896.3
Please tell me how this residence was found. What people or search methods did you use, such as real-estate agents, for sale or rent signs, or newspaper ads, to find this residence? [MARK ALL THAT APPLY] (HC_10)
-4) Don't know2.1
1) Real estate agent56029.9
2) Newspaper ads or magazines21011.2
3) For rent/for sale sign32617.4
4) Internet955.1
5) Apartment finder service10.5
7) Family member1508
8) Friend1779.5
9) House rental service5.3
11) Someone else412.2
12) Other29515.8
Think back to when you rented/bought/moved to this residence. Did you look at residences in neighborhoods other than this one? (HC_14)
1) Yes136272.8
2) No50927.2
On average, how often have you felt unsafe, if ever, in your current neighborhood? (HC_19)
-4) Don't know00
1) Never175767.3
2) Once or twice66225.4
3) Once a month1134.3
4) Once a week361.4
5) At least once a day411.6
Thinking about the people moving in and out of your neighborhood over the next three to five years, do you think that the percent of people in your neighborhood that are (R's selected race) will increase a lot, increase a little, stay about same, decrease a little, or decrease a lot? (HC_21)
-4) Don't know461.8
1) Increase a lot2349
2) Increase a little2449.3
3) Stay same156960.1
4) Decrease a little41916.1
5) Decrease a lot983.8

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