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The PALS seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change among diverse individuals and families over the course of their lives.


Below is a list of resources intended to support Religious Leaders and their staff. Many of these offer links to additional studies about religion, congregations, and clergy, as well as books and publications.

If there are resources or other topics you feel should be included, send us an email (PALScomments@thearda.com). We will consider it.

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Megachurch Research

Beyond Megachurch Myths: What We Can Learn from America’s Largest Churches [Book]
by Scott Thumma and Dave Travis
[Click here to purchase this book at Amazon.com.]

The Outreach 100 – Top 100 Largest Churches, 2008

The Outreach 100 – Top 100 Fastest Growing Churches, 2008

Top 16 Largest Churches with attendance data for 2006-2009

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