Religion's influence on politics
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Religion's influence on politics

Would you rather see religion have greater influence in politics and public life than it does now, less influence, or about the same influence as it does now? (ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Springtime Politics, 2005)

Religion's Influence on Politics (ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Springtime Politics, 2005)


In this April 2005 ABC News/Washington Post poll, a random national sample of 1,007 Americans was asked to discuss their attitudes and opinions regarding the Social Security investments in the stock market, terrorism, the death penalty, gay marriage, abortion, stem-cell research, and political parties. In addition, the poll also contains questions on Tom Delay, court judge nominations, and how President Bush is handling Social Security, the economy, energy policy, and the situation in Iraq. Demographic variables include: gender, age, race, education, and income.

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