How important is being a Christian?
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How important is being a Christian?

Some people say the following things are important for being truly American. Others say they are not important. How important do you think each of the following is... E. To be a Christian (General Social Survey, 2004)

How important is being a Christian? (General Social Survey, 2004)

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General Social Survey: Since 1972, the National Opinion Research Center has conducted a nationwide survey of a random sample of U.S. citizens on a near-yearly basis—the General Social Survey (GSS). In addition to gathering detailed demographic information on respondents, the GSS gathers opinions on a wide variety of topics, such as the role of government in public life, controversial issues such as abortion, confidence in public institutions and a host of others. Of course, respondents are unlikely to spend five hours completing a survey so in order to gather data on a broad range of issues the GSS has adopted the practice of rotating groups of questions into and out of the survey in different years.

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