Plenary Councils of Baltimore
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5/9/1852  - 12/7/1884
The Plenary Councils of Baltimore were a series of three meetings of the American Catholic bishops in 1852, 1866, and 1884. At these councils, the bishops implemented policies affecting the country’s Catholic Church, which was growing rapidly due to a large influx of European immigrants. The First Plenary Council, led by Archbishop Francis Patrick Kenrick of Baltimore, encouraged parishes to erect schools for Catholic children and curtailed the powers of the lay trustee system, which had been a source of controversy in the first half of the 19th century. The Second Plenary Council, overseen by Archbishop Martin John Spalding of Baltimore, produced a law code for the American church, created new dioceses, and supported immigrant devotionalism. The Third Plenary Council, led by Archbishop James Gibbons of Baltimore, ordered parishes to open schools and worked to establish a Catholic university, an English-language catechism, and a system of support for black Catholics.
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Gibbons, James
Ireland, John
Spalding, John Lancaster
Spalding, Martin John

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Acta et decreta Concilii plenarii Baltimorensis tertii. A.D. MDCCCLXXXIV. [Acts and Decrees of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore. A.D. 1884.]
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