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After the American Revolution, American Catholics sought independence from the bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of the London District in England, who had ecclesiastical jurisdiction at the time. Because Maryland was one of the few predominantly Catholic colonies, the Holy See established the office of the Apostolic Prefecture of the United States there on November 26, 1784. It was elevated to the Diocese of Baltimore on November 6, 1789, becoming the first diocese in the United States. Bishop John Carroll became the bishop of Baltimore that year as well, making him the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States.

On April 8, 1808, the diocese was elevated to the status of archdiocese. Today, the archdiocese is recognized as the "premier" episcopal see of the American Roman Catholic Church.
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Carroll, John

Cathedral of the Assumption, Baltimore- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Basilica1

John Carroll portrait- Internet Archive

Diocese of Baltimore map- Internet Archive

6th Provincial Council, Baltimore- Internet Archive

Baltimore, Maryland- New York Public Library Digital Collections
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