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Although the first celebration of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy in the Americas occurred in 1741, a permanent Orthodox mission presence would not exist until the end of the century. One of the original missionaries was Herman of Alaska, who became a lay monk in Russia in 1783. He arrived in modern-day Alaska with a group of seven other missionaries in 1794 and established the foundation for a future Orthodox diocese. Although he was not ordained, Herman became the leader of the mission after 1799.

He was noted during his life for his fight against the heavy-handed tactics of Russian fur trading outfits, particularly the Russian-American Company, which frequently abused Native Americans. Herman established a hermitage called “New Valaam,” after his monastery in Russia, on Spruce Island near Kodiak as well as a school for native children. Herman was canonized as the first Orthodox saint of the United States in 1970.
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Herman of Alaska icon 2- Holy Trinity Orthodox Church- photo by Corielle Stickles

Herman of Alaska icon- Flickr- photo by kiszka king (CC BY 2..0)

Herman of Alaska icon- Holy Trinity Orthodox Church- photo by Corielle Stickles

Herman of Alaska Spruce Island chapel- Library of Congress, HABS AK,12-MOLA,1--2
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"Saint Herman of Alaska: Wonderworker of All America" Address of the Great Council of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, 11-13 March 1969, Concerning The Canonization of the Spiritual Father Herman of Alaska
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