Toth, Alexis 
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3/18/1854  - 5/7/1909
Alexis Toth was an Eastern Catholic priest from Austria-Hungary who migrated to Minneapolis in 1889 to serve as pastor for the city’s growing Carpatho-Russian community. Upon his arrival, Toth met immediate opposition from Catholic Archbishop John Ireland, who objected to Toth’s credentials on the grounds that he would not recognize the validity of Eastern Catholic ordinations. Ireland’s rejection spurred Toth to lead his nascent parish of Eastern Catholics, churches which had once been Orthodox, back to Orthodoxy under Bishop Vladimir of the Aleutians and Alaska in 1891. Over the next eighteen years, Toth helped lead an even larger exodus of tens of thousands of Eastern Catholics living in the northeastern United States to the Orthodox Church. He was canonized in 1994.
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Alexis Toth icon- Holy Trinity Orthodox Church- photo by Corielle Stickles

Alexis Toth icon- Wikimedia Commons- painting by Vspreobrazhenskiy (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Alexis Toth icon 2- Holy Trinity Orthodox Church- photo by Corielle Stickles
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"Repose of St Alexis Toth the confessor and defender of Orthodoxy in America" (Orthodox Church in America)
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