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10/16/1928  - 1/3/2010
Mary Daly (1928-2010) had a traditional Catholic background and education (Ph.D. in Religion at Saint Mary’s College, 1953), but her academic career as a feminist theologian at Boston College (1967-1999) was far from traditional. As a radical lesbian feminist, she published controversial literature, including her famous Beyond God the Father (1973), which rejected traditional (male) depictions of God as patriarchal. She considered herself "post-Christian," perceiving Christian theology in its common form as oppressive toward women.

Her theological career at Boston College, a Jesuit university, culminated in 1998, when Daly was sued for discriminating against male student enrollment in her advanced women studies classes. Daly argued that she sought a "safe space" for her female students, as a male presence in her advanced classes would hinder open discussion. Her tenure was revoked, and she agreed to retire as part of the settlement.

Nonetheless, Daly is considered a pioneer in radical feminist theology.
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Quintessence...Realizing The Archaic Future by Mary Daly, book cover- image courtesy Beacon Press

St William's Hall, Boston College Photo- photo by Widosu at the English language Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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