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2/7/1832  - 5/1/1911
Evangelist Hannah Whitall Smith, along with her husband, Robert P. Smith, became active in the Holiness movement after they moved to New Jersey in 1865.

She rose to prominence as an eloquent preacher about this 19th century experiential movement, which sought Christian perfection, or Holiness, as the evidence of a sanctified life.

She authored several essays and books, including The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life (1875), the popularity of which cut across Holiness groups. "When doubts come, meet them, not with arguments, but with assertions of faith," she wrote, because the Holy Spirit "never shows us our need without at the same time revealing the Divine supply."

In 1874, Smith helped found the faith-based Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which grew to become one of the largest and most influential women’s group of its century.
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Hannah Smith portrait- Wikimedia Commons

Hannah Smith preaching- Internet Archive- from Woman in the Pulpit by Frances E. Willard
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