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David Barton is a prolific author, conservative political activist, and evangelical pastor. After graduating from Oral Roberts University and working as the principal of a Christian high school, Barton founded the WallBuilders organization in 1989 to counter a "revisionist" view of American history. Barton believes that the majority of America's founding fathers were either evangelical Christians themselves or deeply influenced by the Christian point of view, a truth that he believes secular historians have taken pains to cover up. His books, videos, and tours of the Capitol in Washington, DC are very popular in the strongly evangelical-influenced homeschooling movement. Barton's use of fictitious quotes from the founders has drawn a great deal of criticism from evangelical academics and, in 2012, Thomas Nelson, the publisher of Barton's New York Times best-selling "The Jefferson Lies," withdrew the book saying that it had "lost confidence in the book's details."
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The Second Great Awakening

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