Anabaptist Historical Social Network Data

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Nunn, C., & Wildman, W. (2020, September 3). Anabaptist Historical Social Network Data.
This dataset examines social networks between early Anabaptist leaders. Together with the dataset on the beliefs of early Anabaptist leaders and groups, it can be used to examine the diffusion of theology and ideas among early Anabaptist leaders.
Data File
Cases: 47
Variables: 49
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2010
Funded By
Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion, Boston University
Collection Procedures
Using information historical and secondary sources, ties between actors are coded if the actors knew each other personally.
Principal Investigators
Charles Nunn, Duke University
Wesley Wildman, Boston University
Related Publications
Matthews, Luke J., Jeffrey Edmonds, Wesley J. Wildman, and Charles L. Nunn. 2013. "Cultural Inheritance or Cultural Diffusion of Religious Violence? A Quantitative Case Study of the Radical Refomation." Religion, Brain & Behavior 3(1):3-15.
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