Anti-Semitism in the United States, 1981

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Yankelovich, Skelly, & White. (2019, December 18). Anti-Semitism in the United States, 1981.
This study was designed to gather information on anti-Semitism in the United States. The major topics covered include the anti-Semitic beliefs of non-Jews as well as the anti-Semitic experiences of Jews. Additionally, other questions in the instrument gauge Christian fundamentalism and attitudes toward other racial and ethnic groups. The sample used two independent, but integrated samples to represent the population of the United States ages 18 years or older. The "General Public" sample of 1,072 interviews and the Jewish/Black "Supplemental" sample of 143 are combined here into a single sample.
Data File
Cases: 1,215
Variables: 340
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: January 28-March 6, 1981
Funded By
The American Jewish Committee
Sampling Procedures
Interviews were completed based on a sample of the total population which was stratified by the standard Census Divisions. Interviewers followed a set of standard instructions to collect respondents. Within each eligible household, the respondent was selected by a random selection process. Only one interview per household was completed.
Principal Investigators
Yankelovich, Skelly and White
Related Publications
Selznick, G. (1964) The Tenacity of Prejudice, is used as a baseline for this study to track changes in anti-Semitism in the U.S.
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