Arab Barometer, 2006-2007

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Tessler, M., Jamal, A., Bedaida, A., Abderebbi, M., Shikaki, K., Braizat, F., & Al-Najjar, G. (2019, February 12). Arab Barometer, 2006-2007
The Arab-Barometer is a multi-country social survey designed to assess citizen attitudes about public affairs, governance and social policy in the Arab World, and to identify factors that shape these attitudes and values. This survey was carried out within the framework of the Global Democracy Barometer Project. In this first round of the Arab-Barometer, respondents in the countries of Jordan, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen, and Palestine were queried regarding (1) economic questions, (2) evaluation of political institutions, political participation and political attitudes, (3) identity and nationalism, (4) politics and religion, (5) religiosity, and (6) the Arab world and international affairs.
Data File
Cases: 6,902
Variables: 181
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2006-2007
Original Survey (Instrument)
Arab Barometer original survey
Funded By
Middle East Partnership Institute
University of Michigan
Princeton University
Collection Procedures
Face-to-face interviews
Sampling Procedures
In Algeria and Morocco, respondents were selected from both rural and urban areas with quotas for living situation, age, gender, and education. There were also quotas for marital status and socioeconomic status in Morocco. In Jordan, Palestine and Yemen, researchers selected certain cities or villages, clusters of families within these communities, and then people from within selected families. In Lebanon, households were selected from a national database of households, and respondents were interviewed from selected households.
Principal Investigators
Mark Tessler, University of Michigan
Amaney Jamal, Princeton University
Abdallah Bedaida, University of Algiers
Mohammed Abderebbi, Hassan II University-Mohammedia
Khalil Shikaki, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research
Fares Braizat, Social and Economic Survey Research Institute
Ghanim Al-Najjar, Kuwait University
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