Hurricane Katrina - Spiritual, Psychological and Mental Health Response

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Cook, S. W., Aten, J. D., Moore, M., Hook, J. N., & Davis, D. E. (2020, December 15). Hurricane Katrina - Spiritual, Psychological and Mental Health Response.
Collected at the University of Southern Mississippi within four months following Hurricane Katrina, this data set contains basic demographic data and three psychological scales - Conservation of Resources (actual loss and threat of loss), Posttraumatic Growth Inventory and Brief RCOPE. These data were collected under the auspices of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College.
Data File
Cases: 112
Variables: 71
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: December 2005
Original Survey (Instrument)
Hurricane Katrina Univ. S. Mississippi Measures
Funded By
This survey is part of a larger grant from the John Templeton Foundation entitled "Earth as a School: Finding Meaning, Relating to God, and Experiencing Growth After a Natural Disaster" (#44040).

Collection Procedures
Data were collected in Fall 2005, within four months after Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast. The final data set included 152 female and 37 male introductory psychology students at University of Southern Mississippi (USM) who participated in this research as one option to meet a course requirement for extra credit.
Sampling Procedures
Data were deleted from the initial data set from four participants who did not provide this information. All except nine participants (i.e., 95.2%) reported being in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit. These nine participants were included in data analyses.
Principal Investigators
Stephen W. Cook, Jamie D. Aten, Michael Moore, Joshua N. Hook, and Don E. Davis
Related Publications
Stephen W. Cook, Jamie D. Aten, Michael Moore, Joshua N. Hook & Don E. Davis. 2013. "Resource loss, religiousness, health, and posttraumatic growth following Hurricane Katrina." Mental Health, Religion & Culture. 16(4): 352-366. DOI: 10.1080/13674676.2012.667395
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