Church and Community Project, 1987

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Dudley, C. S. (2020, September 11). Church and Community Project, 1987.
The purpose of this study is to learn about members' beliefs and attitudes about basic aspects of church life. Results are intended to help churches plan and develop programs for the future. Participating churches were primarily from cities and towns in Illinois and Indiana and include Protestant and Catholic congregations ranging from 47 to more than 2,000 members.
Data File
Cases: 5,123
Variables: 150
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1987
Funded By
The Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Sponsored by McCormick Theological Seminary
Sampling Procedures
Data came from a 12-page page self-report questionnaire administered to 61 congregations. Project congregations were located in a range of communities from inner-city to open country. Roughly one third were located in rural communities, one third in small cities and suburbs and one third in metropolitan areas. Churches from eleven denominations ranging from conservative to liberal were included.
Principal Investigators
Carl S. Dudley
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