Demographics in U.S. Congregations Survey, Pastors

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Reimer, S. (2020, September 28). Demographics in U.S. Congregations Survey, Pastors.
This survey contains a variety of measures on the following: Congregational characteristics; community change surrounding the congregation; interaction with other congregations; congregational emphases; content of worship services; demographic characteristics of congregants; church leadership; and theological beliefs. Participants are pastors in Assemblies of God, Episcopal, and United Methodist congregations in three locations: Hartford, CT; Grand Rapids, MI; Waco, TX.
Data File
Cases: 89
Variables: 133
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2005-2006
Original Survey (Instrument)
Original Pastor Interview
Funded By
Baylor University's Institute for Faith and Learning
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Collection Procedures
In one-hour interviews, pastors shared information about the people in their congregation (age, education, and racial composition, for example), as well as some general information about the congregation and its leadership.
Sampling Procedures
Thirty-six congregations in Grand Rapids, MI, Hartford, CT, and Waco, TX, were selected based on the demographics reported by the pastor/priest. The goal was to select churches that mirrored the diversity (age, race, class, and theological diversity) within the denomination in that city.
Principal Investigators
Sam Reimer, Professor of Sociology, Crandall University
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