Faith Communities Today Survey (FACT) 2000, Church of the Nazarene Congregations

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Dudley, C., & Roozen, D. (2020, October 15). Faith Communities Today Survey (FACT) 2000, Church of the Nazarene Congregations.
The Faith Communities Today (FACT) surveys were coordinated by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at the Hartford Seminary. Forty-one faith groups and denominations participated in the project. Each group designed a questionnaire in order to collect data that could be used to compare local churches, synagogues and mosques within the different participating groups. This dataset represents the results from the survey of the Church of the Nazarene congregations.
Data File
Cases: 436
Variables: 325
Weight Variable: NAZWEIGH
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2000
Funded By
The Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Hartford Seminary
Funded through a grant from The Lilly Endowment, Inc. and by the cooperating religious bodies.
Collection Procedures
After stratifying congregations by worship size and region, a total of 835 active Nazarene churches in the U.S.A. were randomly selected to be in the sample. A total of 436 surveys were completed and returned, for a response rate of 52%.
Sampling Procedures
The Faith Communities Today data bring together 26 individual surveys of congregations representing 41 denominations and faith groups. Project participants developed a common core questionnaire. Groups then conducted their own, typically mail, surveys of a sample of congregations. Usually, the congregation's leader completed the questionnaire.

The data in this file contain the responses to the survey developed by the Church of the Nazarene to reflect their language and traditions.
Principal Investigators
Carl Dudley and David Roozen of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

Richard Houseal
Research Center
Church of the Nazarene Headquarters
Kansas City, Missouri
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