Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey, 2007

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The Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (NASIS) aims to survey quality of life in the state of Nebraska, covering topics such as the environment, housing, health, recreation, occupation, education, family life, among others. A set of core questions are repeated each year, and additional questions are purchased by those interested in gathering additional data. The 2007 NASIS asks questions about crime, fishing, healthcare, nursing homes, family services, and religion.

Data File
Cases: 1,811
Variables: 262
Weight Variable: PWEIGHT
"Two weights are included in the 2007 NASIS data set. The first weight, called PWEIGHT, produces a representative sample of individuals 19 and older living in households in the state. PWEIGHT contains an adjustment for the region, sex, and age bias found in the sample and a correction factor to compensate for differential probability of selection of the respondent within households with varying numbers of adults present. ... Users of NASIS data requiring a sample of individuals would use the data weighted by the PWEIGHT variable.

"The second weight, HWEIGHT, is used when the information needed is at the household level. Use of HWEIGHT gives an age-adjusted sample of households in the state." (NASIS 2007 Methodology Report - see link below)
Data Collection
Date Collected: February 4, 2008 - August 3, 2008
Original Survey (Instrument)
NASIS 2007 Methodology Report
Funded By
Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Bureau of Sociological Research, and other state agencies and educational and research organizations
Collection Procedures
The NASIS for 2007 was conducted using a phone survey of landline phones.
Sampling Procedures
"The sample of respondents is drawn from a population consisting of non-institutionalized persons in households with telephones who resided in the State of Nebraska during the survey period (February 2008 to August 2008). Persons under 19 years of age, persons in custodial institutions, in group living quarters, on military bases, reservations, and transient visitors to the state are excluded from the sampling universe. The sample was targeted at 1,800 respondents. ... NASIS 2007 employs a directory-listed sample of telephone numbers in Nebraska. The sample includes telephone numbers for individuals and households who have a landline telephone number published within Nebraska telephone directories. ... The sample for the 2007 NASIS was purchased from Marketing Systems Group." (2007 NASIS Methodology Report)
Principal Investigators
Bureau of Sociological Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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