National Religious Attitudes Survey of Catholics, 1997

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This study was designed to examine controversial issues facing the Catholic Church today. Four broad categories of issues were examined. First, the investigators studied attitudes towards Church teachings (e.g., abortion, women in the priesthood, etc.). Second, they analyzed religious practices. Third, the researchers were interested in respondents' reactions toward a number of assertions about the Church and its role in American society. Finally, they assessed various dimensions of Mass, including its primary purpose and the role of "inclusive language."
Data File
Cases: 1,000
Variables: 56
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: January 25 and February 6, 1997
Funded By
Catholic World Report, by Ignatius Press of San Francisco
Collection Procedures
The data comes from a nationwide telephone survey, collected in 1997 by the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut.
Sampling Procedures
A random digit-dialing sample was used and a screening question was asked of each respondent in order to select 1,000 Roman Catholic adults. Sampling error for a survey approximately the size of the one used in this study is plus or minus three and one-half percentage points.
Principal Investigators
Roper Center
Related Publications
National Catholic Reporter, April 4, 1997, page 6.
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