Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life: Paid Professional Staff Sample, 1983

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Leege, D. C., Welch, M. R., Searle, M., & Dolan, J. (2021, February 11). Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life: Paid Professional Staff Sample, 1983.
The Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life attempts to describe Catholic parishes in the United States roughly twenty years after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Beyond the broad descriptive sample of all U.S. parishes, its contextual sampling design permits the scholar to examine both laity, and ordained and non-ordained leadership in various types of parishes. It yields data on participation and organizational involvement, styles of religiosity, church-related attitudes, civic involvement and sociopolitical attitudes, organizational designs and decision-making, and liturgical experience and satisfaction. This is the professional staff component within the series of studies.
Data File
Cases: 89
Variables: 629
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: October to December 1983
Funded By
The Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Collection Procedures
Paid professional staff were sent self-administered mail questionnaires (38-page questionnaire).
Sampling Procedures
All paid professional staff filling designated positions in 36 randomly selected parishes were sent questionnaires. Seventy-six percent (89-117) of the professional staff returned usable responses.
Principal Investigators
David C. Leege, Michael R. Welch, Mark Searle and Jay Dolan
Related Publications
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