Orange & San Diego Catholic Priest Survey: Religion and Politics, 2001

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This is a survey on the religious and political views of Catholic priests in the Dioceses of San Diego and Orange, California. It was constructed both with original questions and questions derived from the National Election Study, General Social Survey, and Ted G. Jelen's The Political World of the Clergy.

Data File
Cases: 252
Variables: 38
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: September through November 2001
Funded By
The Jack and Suzie Peltason Fellowship through the Department of Political Science, University of California, Irvine
UCI Research Opportunity Program
Collection Procedures
In the fall of 2001, a booklet questionnaire with a cover letter was mailed to all 525 religious order and diocesan Catholic priests active in ministry in the Dioceses of San Diego and Orange, California whose contact information was available in the respective diocesan directories. The first set of surveys was sent out in mid-September, with a response rate of nearly 41percent. Seven weeks later, a second mailing was sent to each non-respondent. The overall response rate was 48 percent, with a total of 252 cases (180 diocesan priests and 72 religious order priests).
Principal Investigators
Stephen M. Siptroth
Paul J. Levesque
Related Publications
Levesque, Paul J., Stephen M. Siptroth. (2005). "The Correlation Between Political and Ecclesial Ideologies of Catholic Priests: A Research Note. Sociology of Religion 66(4), 419-429.
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