Readiness For Theological Studies: A Study of Faculty Perceptions On the Readiness of Seminarians, 1993

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Hemrick, E., & Wister, R. (2020, May 12). Readiness For Theological Studies, A Study of Faculty Perceptions On the Readiness of Seminarians, 1993.
This study was designed to identify, through the eyes of the seminary faculty, the strengths and weaknesses of seminarians in academics and formation. The study is one-dimensional in that everything in it is seen through the eyes of the faculty at Catholic seminaries. It is multi-dimensional in that the faculty were also asked to look not only at the students, but to examine themselves on how they can effectively educate today's seminarians. The study collected information in the following areas: seminarians as seen through the eyes of their teachers, teaching and formational loads that seminary faculty carry, major shifts influencing seminary formation, and faculty suggestions for future seminary preparation.
Data File
Cases: 190
Variables: 105
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1992
Funded By
The Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Collection Procedures
A self-administered mail survey was designed by Catholic seminary personnel with particular expertise in academics.
Sampling Procedures
The survey was mailed to 564 faculty members in major Catholic seminaries in the United States and Canada, and 169 faculty members from 39 seminaries returned the questionnaire, for a 33.5% return rate.
Principal Investigators
Eugene Hemrick and Robert Wister
Related Publications
Hemrick, Eugene and Robert Wister. 1993. Readiness for Theological Studies: A Study of Faculty Perceptions on the Readiness of Seminarians. Washington, D.C.: National Catholic Educational Association, Seminary Department.
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