Survey of Texas Adults, 2004

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This data set is aimed at learning more about the lives of Texas adults. Specifically, the data set contains information on seven major aspects of Texans' lives: civic engagement and attitudes; volunteering; organizational memberships and giving behaviors; personality; physical and mental health; health behaviors; religious activities and beliefs. The dataset also includes information about respondents' demographic characteristics.
Data File
Cases: 1,504
Variables: 199
Weight Variable: STDWGT
Data Collection
Date Collected: November 2003 - January 2004
Funded By
RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service
The College of Liberal Arts, The University of Texas at Austin
Collection Procedures
The target population is the Texas household population age 18 and older. All surveys were collected over the telephone using a CATI system administered by the Office of Survey Research at the University of Texas at Austin.
Sampling Procedures
The random-digit-dialing sample was generated by Survey Sampling, Inc. (SSI) of Fairfield, Connecticut. To create this sample, SSI first identified working telephone exchanges throughout the state of Texas then generated telephone numbers through four-digit randomization. SSI then modified the list to eliminate those that were known nonresidential numbers. The household-level cooperation rate is 37 percent, and the respondent-level cooperation rate is 89 percent.
Principal Investigators
Marc A. Musick
The University of Texas at Austin
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