Survey of Attenders: International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival, 2010

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The International UFO Congress (IUFOC) is an organization with the goal of broadly disseminating "UFO and related information worldwide." From February 21-27, 2010, the IUFOC held a UFO Convention and Film Festival at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The principal investigators were given permission by the IUFOC board to conduct an anonymous survey of conference attenders.

The survey includes items about UFO beliefs, theories about the nature of the UFO phenomenon, UFO experiences and beliefs about government conspiracies related to UFOs. The survey also includes items related to non-UFO paranormal beliefs and experiences, items related to conventional religion and a battery of demographic questions.
Data File
Cases: 156
Variables: 97
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2010
Collection Procedures
The principal investigators attended the February 21-27, 2010, conference of the International UFO Congress. The PIs were provided with a table directly outside the auditorium and conference organizers announced the survey throughout each day. Participants were provided with an anonymous survey that they completed and then returned to a drop box. Respondents were informed that the survey was anonymous and voluntary.

Approximately 400 surveys were distributed, of which 156 were returned and completed for a response rate of 39 percent.
Sampling Procedures
The survey was taken by volunteers who were attending the 2010 International UFO Congress. The survey was distributed by the principal investigators from a table outside the auditorium where the conference was being held. Completed surveys were then returned to a drop box.
Principal Investigators
Christopher D. Bader
J. Gordon Melton
Joseph O. Baker
When citing this study, the following information should be included:
Bader, Christopher, J. Gordon Melton and Joseph Baker, 2010. "Survey of Attenders: International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival, 2010." Waco, Tx.: Baylor University Department of Sociology [producer].
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