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Neighborhood, Safety

Perceptions of safety/unsafety of respondent's neighborhood

Below are 23 questions from surveys in the ARDA that attempt to measure this concept.

  • SAFEHERE from Houston Area Survey, 1982-2010LEARN MORE
    • How safe would you feel walking in your neighborhood after dark? Would you say: very safe, somewhat safe, not very safe, or not safe at all? (94, 96, 98, 02, 04) (SAFEHERE) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • CRIMELEV from State of Disunion Survey, 1996LEARN MORE
    • From what you know, would you say there is more crime in your neighborhood than there was 5 years ago, less crime, or about the same amount? (CRIMELEV) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • SAFEWALK from State of Disunion Survey, 1996LEARN MORE
    • How safe do you feel being out alone at night walking in your neighborhood? Do you feel very safe, somewhat safe, somewhat unsafe, or very unsafe? (SAFEWALK) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • V191A from American Mosaic Project: A National Survey on DiversityLEARN MORE
    • We want to ask a few questions about your community. Please tell me whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree. I feel safe walking alone at night in my neighborhood. (V191A) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
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