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Psychic Powers/ESP, Validity of

Measures belief in the reality of psychic phenomena

Below are 14 questions from surveys in the ARDA that attempt to measure this concept.

  • Q74E from Baylor Religion Survey, 2005LEARN MORE
    • Q74 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements..e. Astrologers, palm-readers, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, and psychics can foresee the future (Q74E) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • Q77 from Baylor Religion Survey, 2005LEARN MORE
    • Q77 Which of the statements below best summarizes your opinion of professional astrologers, psychics, palm readers, and other people who claim to foresee the future (Q77) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • PSYCHIC from Middletown Area Study, 1998LEARN MORE
    • ASKED ONLY OF THOSE RESPONDENTS WHO NEVER ATTEND CHURCH: What about spiritualists or psychics; have you talked with someone about such people? (PSYCHIC) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
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