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Extent to which respondent engages in organized religious activities.

Data File: General Social Survey, 1998

Source: Fetzer Institute, National Institute on Aging Working Group. 2003. Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness, Spirituality for Use in Health Research. A Report of a National Working Group. Supported by the Fetzer Institute in Collaboration with the National Institute on Aging. Kalamazoo, MI.

General Instructions:

Items are on different scales and should be converted to z-scores before combining. Alpha = .82

Any special instructions related to individual items will be listed below those items.

ATTEND from General Social Survey, 1998

How often do you attend religious services? (ATTEND)
0) Never54619.3
1) Less than once a year29410.4
2) About once or twice a year29610.5
3) Several times a year30710.8
4) About once a month2067.3
5) 2-3 times a month2448.6
6) Nearly every week1886.6
7) Every week48917.3
8) Several times a week2187.7
9) Dont know, No answer441.6

Item Instructions (ATTEND):

Code item as follows: Convert '9) Don't know, No answer' to missing data.

RELACTIV from General Social Survey, 1998

How often do you take part in the activities and organizations of a church or place of worship other than attending services? (RELACTIV)
1) Never47136.7
2) Less than once a year14711.4
3) About once or twice a year13610.6
4) Several times a year13110.2
5) About once a month645.0
6) 2-3 times a month665.1
7) Nearly every week544.2
8) Every week886.9
9) Several times a week665.1
10) Once a day80.6
11) Several times a day80.6
98) Dont know10.1
99) No answer443.4

Item Instructions (RELACTIV):

Code item as follows: Convert '98) Don't know' and '99) No answer' to missing data

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