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This additive scale displays the degree of emotional closeness between generations. Respondents are asked a series of questions about their parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grandparents, and great-grandparents, with responses ranging from "not at all," or "not at all close" to "extremely well," or "extremely close."

Data File: Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

Source: Bengtson, Vern L. and Roberts, Robert E. 1991. "Intergenerational Solidarity in Aging Families: An Example of Formal Theory Construction." Journal of Marriage and the Family 53:856-70.

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Scoring system for original scale: (ICPSR document)

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GFAF11 from Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

(G3) [How close your relationship] GRANDFATHER (GFAF11)
1) Not close8511.4
2) Not too close14118.9
3) Somewhat close14919.9
4) Pretty close19025.4
5) Very close12116.2
6) Extremely close608.0
8) Dont know10.1

GFCOMM from Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

(G3) [How is communication between you] GRANDFATHER (GFCOMM)
1) Not good14419.3
2) Not too good13818.5
3) Some18024.1
4) Pretty good16321.8
5) Very good7810.4
6) Extremely good395.2
8) Dont know50.7

GFAF12 from Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

(G3) [How well you get along with your] GRANDFATHER? (GFAF12)
1) Not well202.7
2) Not too well172.3
3) Somewhat527.0
4) Pretty well26035.1
5) Very well22430.2
6) Extremely well16221.9
8) Dont know60.8

GFAF1 from Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

(G3) [How well grandparents understand you?] GRANDFATHER (GFAF1)
1) Not well9212.4
2) Not too well9312.6
3) Somewhat21829.5
4) Pretty well21629.2
5) Very well7910.7
6) Extremely well283.8
8) Dont know131.8

GFAF6 from Longitudinal Study of Generations, 1971

(G3) [How well you understand grandparent?] GRANDFATHER (GFAF6)
1) Not well537.2
2) Not too well729.7
3) Somewhat18324.7
4) Pretty well26936.3
5) Very well10814.6
6) Extremely well456.1
8) Dont know111.5

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