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This scale was created in 2000 as part of the Social Capital Benchmark Survey.

Note: This scale wasn't a previously established scale, but was created when the survey was created (PI: Robert D. Putnam, Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University).

Data File: Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, 2000

General Instructions:

Set 8) Don't know and 9) Refused to system missing.

At least two answers must be provided for a score to be calculated. First, responses are standardized using national norms. Standardized variables are created with the prefix 'I'.

IRELMEM2 = (RELMEM2-1.42)/0.49 IRELATTE = (NORELSVC-28.99)/21.81 IRELPART = (RELPART2-1.60)/0.49 IGRPREL = (GRPREL-1.84)/0.37


Any special instructions related to individual items will be listed below those items.

GRPREL from Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, 2000

33A. In the past 12 months, have you participated in organizations affiliated with religion besides your local place of worship? (GRPREL)
0) No24,55384.0
1) Yes4,63515.9
8) Dont Know220.1
9) Refused230.1

NORELSVC from Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, 2000

Church service attendance in days per year with no religious preference coded as none [recoding of RELATEND] (NORELSVC)
0) Less often7,38125.6
3) Few times/year4,66916.2
18) Once/twice per month4,82716.8
39) Almost every week2,3078.0
52) Every week9,62833.4

RELMEM2 from Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, 2000

Church, synagogue or spiritual organization member? [recoding of RELMEM with system missings recoded as no] (RELMEM2)
0) No12,81644.3
1) Yes16,10955.6
8) Dont know290.1
9) Refused70.0

TRUST2 from Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, 2000

Can trust others vs. be careful (recoding of TRUST) (TRUST2)
0) Cant be too careful12,61243.1
1) Depends1,9026.5
2) People can be trusted14,50249.6
8) Dont know1740.6
9) Refused430.1

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