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Gambling, Morality of

Is gambling immoral?

Below are 8 questions from surveys in the ARDA that attempt to measure this concept.

  • PORN from Baylor Religion Survey, Wave II (2007)LEARN MORE
    • Q12a. By your best guess, how would your current place of worship feel about each of the following behaviors? Pornography (PORN) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • ADV_1 from Portraits of American Life Study, 1st Wave, 2006LEARN MORE
    • In the past twelve months, how often have you participated in gambling for money, including lotteries, betting, card games, etc.? (ADV_1) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • PASTGMBL from Survey of Northern California Church Bodies, 1963LEARN MORE
    • Now we would like you to tell us how you think your pastor feels about a variety of things. We realize that this may be somewhat difficult for you to decide, but we ask you to do the best you can. For each of the following items, we would like you to decide whether your pastor approves or disapproves of it, or really has no preference either way. -- Gambling (PASTGMBL) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • PRTDRNK from Survey of Northern California Church Bodies, 1963LEARN MORE
    • One of the ways to help reduce tensions between groups is to get out into the open things about one group that bother people in the other group. Here is a list of things that Protestants have said about Catholics and Catholics have said about Protestants. For each statement, would you please indicate how you feel: Do you feel it is true, tends to be true, tends to be false, or is false? -- Catholics are very lax about drinking and gambling as compared to Protestants. (PRTDRNK) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
  • GIVEUP from Middletown Area Study, 2002LEARN MORE
    • To what extent does the congregation you attend teach that to be in Gods favor a person needs to completely give up many behaviors that one might otherwise enjoy, such as drinking, dancing and gambling? Would you say: (GIVEUP) EXPAND/COLLAPSE
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