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Categorizing Religious Affiliations Among African Americans through Black RELTRAD

Jason Shelton
Ryon Cobb

Developed and written by Jason Shelton and Ryon Cobb (2018), this syntax file provides a method for categorizing religious affiliations among African Americans (i.e., "Black RELTRAD"). Black RELTRAD syntax aims to standardize the literature by distinguishing between traditional and nontraditional liberal and conservative Protestant affiliations with roots inside and outside of the Greater Black Church. In this way, the goal of the scheme is to provide new insights on the religious diversity and commonality among African Americans. The syntax file divides African Americans into the following categories: 1) Baptist; 2) Methodist; 3) Holiness/Pentecostal; 4) historically white mainline Protestant denominations; 5) historically white evangelical Protestant denominations; 6) non-denominational Protestant; 7) Catholic; 8) other faiths and non-traditional Protestant denominations; and 9) no religious preference.

Directions: Run this syntax file with General Social Survey data (visit:

Credit/Citation: Shelton, Jason and Ryon J. Cobb. 2018. "Black Reltrad: The Measure for Testing Religious Diversity and Commonality among African Americans." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Submitted by: Jason Shelton, Jul 3, 2017.

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