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The ARDA Data Archive is a collection of surveys, polls, and other data submitted by researchers and made available online by the ARDA.

There are 1,262 data files included in the ARDA collection. You can browse files by category, alphabetically, view the newest additions, or search for a file. Once you select a file you can preview the results, read about how the data were collected, review the survey questions asked, save selected survey questions to your own file, and/or download the data file.

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Religion and Rule of Law
The "Religion and Rule of Law" data set was assembled from multiple data sources to aid the study of connections between religion, corruption, and the rule of law. In the resulting data file, each of the 236 cases represents a country or territory. The data file includes basic country identifiers, governance variables, religious tradition variables, demographic and developmental variables, and geography variables. Indices regarding the rule of law and the level of corruption were generated based on the World Bank's Governance Research Indicators Country Snapshot (GRICS) data set (Kaufman, Kraay, and Mastuzzi 2005). Data on the GDP per capita in constant PPP dollars and related variables are based on data from the CIA's World Factbook 2003. In addition, data on each country's largest religious groups in the years 1900 and 2000 stem from Barrett, Kurian, and Johnson (2001). Sources for all variables are shown in the attached PDF codebook. [See More...]

Religion in Western Europe
Pew Research Center conducted surveys among 24,599 adults (ages 18 and older) across 15 countries in Western Europe between April 2017 and August 2017. Interviewing was carried out under the direction of GfK Belgium using both cellphones and landlines. The questionnaire was designed by Pew Research Center staff in consultation with subject matter experts and advisers to the project. The wording of several questions was subjected to cognitive testing, and the full survey questionnaire was pretested in all countries prior to fieldwork. Survey questions address attitudes toward religion, respondent income, key social issues, general opinions about religion's role in society. [See More...]

Religious Human Rights NGOs
This dataset examines religious non-governmental organizations that focus on human rights. The dataset contains information about each organization's founding, organizational structure, online presence, geographical focuses, human rights emphases, religious identity, and U.N. consultative status. [See More...]

World Values Survey, Aggregate Data
This file provides summary or aggregated measures for the 82 societies participating in the first four waves of the World Value Surveys. Thus, the society, rather than the individuals surveyed, are the unit of analysis. [See More...]

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