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The ARDA Data Archive is a collection of surveys, polls, and other data submitted by researchers and made available online by the ARDA.

There are 1,282 data files included in the ARDA collection. You can browse files by category, alphabetically, view the newest additions, or search for a file. Once you select a file you can preview the results, read about how the data were collected, review the survey questions asked, save selected survey questions to your own file, and/or download the data file.

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Administrative/Organizational Data -

Christian Nonprofit Organizations, 2005
These data represent almost 2,000 of the largest parachurch Christian nonprofit organizations based in the United States. The data were built using forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service in 2005. Variables include measures of revenue, expenses, activities and religious identity as measured by the organization's statement of purpose. [See More...]

Content Analysis of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1999
The purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. The research was carried out in 1999 and examined all articles and research notes from the journal's inception in 1961 through 1998. It analyzed major trends in methods, topics, theoretical frameworks, author characteristics, and editor characteristics, as well as other important traits. The study also looked at the journal's impact on the socio-scientific study of religion. [See More...]

ETS Entering Survey, 1994
This survey was designed with active participation of the directors of admissions from university-based divinity schools as a way to evaluate the success of certain strategies in their recruiting efforts and the role of financial aid in the student's decision-making process. Between 1992 and 1994, some 50 seminaries used this instrument to survey their incoming students. Presbyterian and United Methodist seminaries are well represented as are the university-related divinity schools. [See More...]

ETS Exiting Survey, 1995-1996
This study was conducted to gather information on graduating students and was designed with the active participation of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Administered just prior to graduation, the exit instrument was aimed specifically at assessing student satisfaction. In addition, student's personal and theological views as well as future plans were among the included items. Approximately 50 seminaries used this instrument to survey their graduates. Presbyterian and United Methodist seminaries are well represented as are the university-related schools. [See More...]

Religious Freedom in the Courts, 1981-1997
The Religious Freedom data are derived from a content analysis of the The Religious Freedom Reporter (the Reporter), which is a journal published monthly by the Church-State Resource Center of the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Campbell University. The journal dates back to January 1981 and, as stated in the introductory preface to each issue, "seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of pending and decided cases, new legislation and regulations, law review articles and other resources related to religious freedom." The Reporter includes information from all levels of the judiciary. The dataset has information on type of case (e.g., free exercise, first amendment and establishment), when the case was decided, level of court and the religion of the group or person who brought the case forward. [See More...]

Religious Human Rights NGOs
This dataset examines religious non-governmental organizations that focus on human rights. The dataset contains information about each organization's founding, organizational structure, online presence, geographical focuses, human rights emphases, religious identity, and U.N. consultative status. [See More...]

Survey of Religious, Social Service and Community Organizations in Metropolitan Chicago, 1996
This survey was conducted to supplement the research on congregations being conducted by the Religion in Urban America Program. The primary concern was to learn whether and to what extent religious, social service and community organizations related to and extended the work of churches. That is, whether they bridged geographic and/or social boundaries and whether there was a difference between religious and secular organizations with respect to the bridging function. [See More...]

Survey of U.S. Seminary Faculty on Sexuality and Marriage, 2015
Seminary faculty constitutes a religious elite that influences and trains America's future religious leaders. This research surveys seminary faculty at 100 ATS-accredited theological schools in the USA. It explores curricular and co-curricular engagements with LGBT issues and realities, faculty understandings and stances on same-sex sexuality and marriage, and faculty understandings of what such stances should imply for religious communities and civil society. [See More...]

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