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The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2015




Blunsdon, B., & Evans, A. (2023, September 21). The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2015.


The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AuSSA) is Australia's main source of data for the scientific study of the social attitudes, beliefs and opinions of Australians, how they change over time, and how they compare with other societies.

The survey is used to help researchers better understand how Australians think and feel about their lives. It produces important information about the changing views and attitudes of Australians as we move through the 21st century. Similar surveys are run in other countries, so data from the AuSSA survey also allows us to compare Australia with countries all over the world.

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Data File

Cases: 1211
Variables: 385
Weight Variable: SWEIGHT

Data Collection


Original Survey (Instrument)

The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes - 2015

Funded By

The AuSSA is funded by the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc.'s (ACSPRI) membership.

Collection Procedures

In 2015, 5,000 citizens were randomly selected from the electoral roll. Each of them were posted an explanatory letter, followed by a questionnaire booklet and reply paid envelope. Up to three reminder mailings were sent for participants who did not return a booklet. In total, 1,211 of them returned a completed questionnaire.

Sampling Procedures

AuSSA aims to survey a representative sample of adult Australians. Some 5,000 citizens were randomly selected from the electoral roll. This means every Australian citizen has an equal chance of having their views included in the survey, and means that researchers are able to use statistical techniques to make inferences about Australian society overall on the basis of characteristics of the sample.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) supplies name and address information for the project in accordance with Item 3 of subsection 90B(4) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. The information is provided to ACSPRI by the AEC on a confidential basis and is not used for any other purpose than to contact participants to invite them to participate in the survey. The name and address information cannot be linked to the survey data, and is not retained when the survey is finished.

Principal Investigators

Betsy Blunsdon of ACSPRI and Ann Evans of Australian National University.

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