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The Cooperative Clergy Study Project




Smidt, C. (2020, December 16). The Cooperative Clergy Study Project.


The Cooperative Clergy Research Project is an endeavor initiated and coordinated through the efforts of the Henry Institute. A variety of scholars from different denominational backgrounds collaborated to develop a questionnaire that would examine political beliefs, political involvement, community involvement, and religious beliefs of clergy. While this cooperative research effort builds on previous research related to the political role of the clergy, this effort is distinctively different due to the large number of scholars working on this project, the large number of denominations included in the study, and the large number of clergy that participated.

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Data File

Cases: 8933
Variables: 358
Weight Variable: WTVAR500

Data Collection


Original Survey (Instrument)

Cooperative Clergy Original Survey

Funded By

The Henry Institute at Calvin College

Collection Procedures

Self-completion questionnaires

Sampling Procedures

American Baptist Convention: Systematic sample with a 35% response rate
Disciples of Christ: Stratified, random sample with a 52% response rate
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Random sample with a 46% response rate
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): Random sample with a 41% response rate
Reformed Church in America: All pastors with a 55% response rate
United Methodist Church: Random sample of pastors with a 50% respone rate
United Methodist Church: Oversample of women clergy with a 44% response rate
Southern Baptist Convention: Random sample with a 36% response rate
Churches of Christ: Random sample of congregations having more than 50 members with a response rate of 26%
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod: Random sample with a 44% response rate
Presbyterian Church in America: All senior or solo pastors with a 36% response rate
Christian Reformed Church: All ministers with a 59% response rate
Church of the Nazarene: Random sample with a 51% response rate
Assemblies of God: Random sample with a 45% response rate
Evangelical Free Church of America: All pastors with a 39% response rate
Mennonite Church USA: All pastors with a 40% response rate
Jewish Rabbis: Random sample with a 33% response rate
Catholic Priests: Random sample with a 23% response rate
African Methodist Episcopal Church: All pastors with an 11% response rate
Church of God in Christ: Random sample with an 11% response rate
Unitarian-Universalist Association: All pastors with a 66% response rate
Willow Creek Association: Random sample with a 40% response rate

Principal Investigators

Corwin Smidt, Calvin College

Related Publications

Smidt, Corwin, ed. 2004. Pulpit and Politics: Clergy in American Politics at the Advent of the Millennium. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press.

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