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Faith Communities Today Survey (FACT) 2000, Roman Catholic




Dudley, C., & Roozen, D. (2021, May 17). Faith Communities Today Survey (FACT) 2000, Roman Catholic.


The Faith Communities Today (FACT) surveys were coordinated by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at the Hartford Seminary. Forty-two faith groups and denominations participated in the project. Each group designed a questionnaire in order to collect data that could be used to compare local churches, synagogues and mosques within the different participating groups. This dataset represents the results from the survey of Roman Catholic parishes in the United States conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA).

Data File

Cases: 719
Variables: 571
Weight Variable: EPISWGT, REGNWGT

EPISWGT is a weight variable for the Episcopal region.
REGNWGT is a weight variable for the Census region.

Data Collection


Original Survey (Instrument)

FACT Roman Catholic Codebook

Funded By

The Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Hartford Seminary
Through a grant from The Lilly Endowment, Inc. and the cooperating religious bodies.

Collection Procedures

The Roman Catholic Church participation in the FACT project included a survey of churches randomly chosen from a listing of all Adventist congregations in the United States. A total of 406 questionnaires were returned for a 50.43 percent response rate.

For more information or to view the survey instrument, go to

Sampling Procedures

The Faith Communities Today data brought together 26 individual surveys of congregations representing 41 denominations and faith groups. Project participants developed a common core questionnaire. Groups then conducted their own, typically mail, surveys of a sample of congregations. Usually, the congregation's leader completed the questionnaire.

The project's common core questionnaire includes more than 200 questions covering six broad areas:

* Worship and identity
* Location and facilities
* Internal and mission-oriented programs
* Leadership and organizational dynamics
* Participants
* Finances

The data in this file contain the responses to the survey developed by the Roman Catholic Church to reflect the language and traditions of their church.

This survey was mailed to a random sample of Catholic parishes across the country. A total of 719 parishes responded to the Catholic version of the FACT survey. Responding parishes represent every state and thus every Episcopal Region in the United States and represent 164 dioceses and archdioceses.

Principal Investigators

Carl Dudley and David Roozen of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary

77 Sherman Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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