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Middletown Area Study, 1997




Bode, J. G., Burton, R., Condran, J. G., Johnson, S. D., Morris, D. C., Morris, W., ... Tamney, J. B. (2021, February 8). Middletown Area Study, 1997.


Data for the Middletown Area Studies were collected every year from 1978 to 1998. The purpose of these studies was to assess the views and lifestyles of citizens on a diverse range of subjects. The major topics included questions on life satisfaction, education, income, family, religion, and politics. The 1997 study was designed to assess beliefs with regard to terminal illness, health care and health insurance, religious beliefs and practices, and attitudes regarding local police practices.

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Data File

Cases: 380
Variables: 92
Weight Variable: None

Data Collection

Data were collected each year during the spring from 1978 to 1981 and each year during the fall from 1981 to 1998 (the 1981 spring study is labeled 1981A and the 1981 fall study is labeled 1981B). The 1997 interviews were conducted during the period from November 3 to November 14, 1997.

Funded By

Dean's office of the College of Sciences and Humanities at Ball State University

Collection Procedures

Data were collected by means of telephone interview surveys. Telephone numbers of people who lived within Delaware County, Indiana, were randomly generated by a computer program in such a way that the proportion of telephone numbers within each of the active exchanges in Delaware County was the same in the sample as it was in the population.

Sampling Procedures

The sample consists of people who live within the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area of Muncie, Indiana, or Delaware County. In 1987, 1991, and 1995 only residents of Delaware County who were 60 years old or older were sampled. In 1984, 1988, 1992, and 1996 only people who intended to vote were sampled; and in 1988 and 1992 Catholics were over-sampled.

Principal Investigators

Jerry G. Bode
Ronald Burton
John G. Condran
Stephen D. Johnson
David C. Morris
William Morris
Harry Nelson
Joseph B. Tamney

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Note 1

Bethel AME Church--1
Shaffer Chapel AME Church--2
Christ Temple Apostolic--11
Calvary Christian Center (Assembly of God)--20
Glad Tidings Church Assembly of God--21
Northside Assembly of God Church--22
Trinity Baptist Church--28
Kingston Avenue Southern Baptist Church--29
Bethel United Baptist Church--31
Burlington Drive Free Will Baptist Church--32
Calvary Baptist Church--33
Creekwood Baptist Church--34
Dalevdle First Baptist (Independent)--35
Fellowship Baptist Church--37
First Baptist Church--38
First Baptist Church of Morningside--39
First Free Will Baptist Church--40
Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist--42
Grace Baptist Church--43
Greater Pilgrim Rest Baptist--44
Halteman Village Baptist Church--45
Memorial United Baptist Church--46
Mount Olive Freewill Baptist--47
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church--48
New Hope Baptist Church--49
Old Town Hill Baptist Church--52
Riverside Avenue Baptist Church--53
Riverview United Baptist--54
Shawnee Heights Baptist Church--55
Southern United Baptist (United)--56
Temple Baptist Church--59
True Light Baptist Church--61
Union Missionary Baptist Church--62
First Baptist Church-Yorktown--64
First Baptist Church of Eaton--65
Boyeton General Baptist--66
Edgewood Baptist--68
Old Fashion United Baptist Church--76
First Baptist Church-Alexandria--79
Bible Holiness Church--80
Bible Missionary Church--90
First Brethren Church--100
Cornerstone Brethren Church--103
White Chapel Christian Church--106
Mount Summit Christian Church--107
Bethany Christian Church--108
Cowan Christian Church--110
Daleville Christian (Disciples of Christ)--111
Eaton First Christian (Disciples)--112
Hazelwood Christian Church (Disciples)--113
University Christian Church (independent)--115
Yorktown Christian Church (Disciples)--116
Springport Christian--117
First Christian Church--118
Eleventh Street Christian--130
First Church of Christian Science--140
Fairlawn Church of Christ--153
Church of Christ Towne Acres--155
Church of Christ West Side--156
Church of Christ South Central--158
Lindberg Road Church of Christ--159
Trinity Memorial (Church of Christ in Christian Union)--160
Eastside Church of God--164
Church of God--168
East 16' Street Church of God--172
Eaton First Church of God (Anderson)--173
Church of God Kirby Avenue--174
Northside Church of God--175
Pauline Avenue Church of God--176
Shady Grove Church of God--177
Sound the Alarm (Mountain Assembly Church of God)--178
Yorktown Church of God--181
Sermon Street Church of God--185
Main Street Church of God (Anderson)--186
Liberty Street Church of God--187
Mt. Calvary Church of God in Christ--190
Mount Olive Church of God in Christ--191
Terrestrial Temple Church--193
Wall Avenue Church-God-Christ--194
Corinth Congregation Christian Church--210
Prairie Grove Congregational Christian--211
Grace Episcopal Church--220
Foursquare Gospel Church--230
Full Gospel Temple--241
Gospel Light Chapel--245
Agape Fellowship--251
Christian Chapel--254
Deliverance Temple Church--256
Emmanuel Temple Church--258
God's Freewill Tabernacle--260
Rejoice Ministry--268
Trinity Community--271
Word of Life Christian Church--273
Union Community--274
Abundant Life Campus Church--275
Spiritual Assembly of the Arcadian Order--276
Alethia Fellowship and Ministry Center (Full Gospel)--277
Jehovah's Witness-South Congregation--301
Temple Beth-el (Jewish Temple)--340
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--350
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church--360
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church--361
Lutheran Church of The Cross--362
Grace Lutheran Church (EICA)--365
Christ Lutheran Church-LCMS--366
Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene--383
First Church of the Nazarene--384
Harris Chapel Church of the Nazarene--387
MayField Church of the Nazarene--388
North Walnut St Church of The Nazarene--389
Riverview Church of The Nazarene--390
Southside Church of The Nazarene--391
United New Hope Church of the Nazarene--392
Wheeling Avenue Nazarene--393
Yorktown Church of the Nazarene--394
First Church of the Nazarene--395
Church of God of Prophecy--400
Parkview Apostolic Church--401
True Vine Church of God--402
United Pentecostal Church--403
First Presbyterian Church--410
New Life Presbyterian Church--411
Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church--412
Westminster Presbyterian Church--413
Dayspring Friends Church--420
Friends Memorial Church--421
Saint Francis of Assisi-Newman--430
Saint Lawrence Church--431
Saint Mary's Church--432
Saint Ambrose--433
First Seventh Day Adventist--450
Unitarian Universalist Church--470
Albany United Church of Christ--480
Bethel United Church of Christ--481
Eden United Church of Christ--483
Albany United Methodist--490
Avondale United Methodist Church--491
Cammack United Methodist Church--493
Center Chapel United Methodist--494
Christ United Methodist--495
College Avenue United Methodist--496
Corinth United Methodist Church--497
Daleville United Methodist--499
Desoto United Methodist Church--500
Eaton United Methodist--501
Fountain Square United Methodist--503
Gaston United Methodist-Walnut and Main--504
Gethsemane United Methodist--505
High Street United Methodist--506
Industry United Methodist Church--507
Madison Street United Methodist Church--508
Main Street United Methodist--509
Mount Olive United Methodist--510
Mount Pleasant United Methodist--511
New Burlington United Methodist--513
Normal City United Methodist--514
Riverside United Methodist Church--517
Selma United Methodist--518
Saint Paul's United Methodist Church--519
Trinity United Methodist Church--520
Union Chapel United Methodist--521
Wilmore Memorial United Methodist--522
Yorktown United Methodist Church--523
Emmanuel United Methodist.--524
Calvary United Methodist--529
Fairview United Methodist--531
Memorial Drive Wesleyan Church--540
Worldwide Church of God--550
Victory Temple--570
Faith Chapel--600
King's Chapel (non-denominational)--610
Lighthouse Family Worship Center--615
Full Armor Ministry--620
Saint Martin--630
Faith Lutheran Church (Wels)--701
All Saints (Catholic)--702
Prince of Peace--703
Sacred Heart--704
Calvary United Methodist--705
Saint Johns (Catholic)--706
Blessed Sacrament--708
Saint Bavo's (Catholic)--709
Fairview Baptist--710
Disciples of Christ--711
Jones Chapel Methodist Church--712
Southport First Presbyterian Church--713
World of Life--714
Disciples of Christ--715
Holy Cross--716
Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church--717
Saint Johns Catholic Church--718

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