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Christian Universities as Moral Communities - Drinking, Sex, and Drug use among University Students in the United States




Koch, J. R., Wagner, B. G., Roberts, A. E., Armstrong, M. L., & Owen, D. C. (2022, March 7). Christian Universities as Moral Communities - Drinking, Sex, and Drug use among University Students in the United States.


The data set represents responses to 120 questions regarding religious belief, religious practice, religious context, and social behavior, e.g., drinking, sex, drugs, worship, prayer, religious beliefs, Christian fundamentalism, health, well-being, tattoos, piercings. Data were gathered from respondents at 12 American colleges and universities. Six of these were large public schools; three were secular private schools; three were explicitly Christian and affiliated with conservative denominations. One public and one private school were geographically paired (less than 300 miles apart). These pairs were located in the US Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Midsouth, Northwest, and Southwest.

The ARDA has added four additional variables to the original data set to enhance the users' experience on our site.

Data File

Cases: 3530
Variables: 120
Weight Variable: None

Data Collection

September 2010 - May 2013.

Original Survey (Instrument)

Religion, Deviance, and Well Being

Funded By

E.A. Franklin Charitable Trust

Collection Procedures

Printed questionnaires were distributed and collected in person and face to face. Responses were recorded on Scantrons. The process began and ended within a maximum 90-minute time frame. Anonymity was assured. Response rate is 77 percent of all class enrollees. Non-respondents were primarily those students absent from class on collection day.

Sampling Procedures

Data were gathered from purposive samples of college undergraduates-primarily first and second year students in sociology classes. Permission was sought from department administrators and faculty; IRB approval was obtained at each collection site.

Principal Investigators

Jerome R. Koch. Brandon G. Wagner, Alden E. Roberts. Texas Tech University
Myrna L. Armstrong, Donna C. Owen. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Related Publications

Koch, Jerome, and Al Roberts. Seeking the Moral Community: Religion, Deviance, & Well-Being Among American University Students.

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Koch, Jerome R., and Alden E. Roberts. 2012. "The Protestant Ethic and the Religious Tattoo." The Social Science Journal 49(2): 210-213.

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