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National Survey of the Religious Life Futures Project, 1990




Nygren, D. J., Ukeritis, M. D., & Ross, D. A. (2021, August 21). National Survey of the Religious Life Futures Project, 1990.


"The National Survey component of the Religious Life Futures Project had two purposes: to collect information concerning the beliefs, values and practices of members of religious orders regarding their personal, spiritual, community and ministerial life and to establish a significant data base for the study of religious life on the individual, congregational and social institution levels. The National Survey was also the primary method of measuring perceptions of the future of religious life in the total population of sisters, brothers and religious priests." (Nygren & Ukeritis, 1993: 99)

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Data File

Cases: 6359
Variables: 372
Weight Variable: None

Data Collection

Funded By

The Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Collection Procedures

Self-administered mail survey

Sampling Procedures

"Early in 1990, each major superior in the United States was contacted by letter with a request for a listing of the names and addresses of their members. Having identified more than 121,000 religious in this process, a stratified random sample design was employed to select the participants for the survey portion of the study. This random sample was stratified to ensure the statistically valid possibility of comparison by tradition (apostolic, contemplative, mendicant, monastic) as well as by vocation (sisters, brothers, religious priests). . . . Using postcard and phone follow-up, an overall response rate of 77.4 percent (7,736 responses) was obtained. The data base used for reporting results consists of 6,359 usable surveys." (Nygren & Ukeritis, 1992: 263)

Principal Investigators

David J. Nygren, Co-Principal Investigator; Miriam D. Ukeritis, Co-Principal Investigator; and, Dennis A. Ross, Research Associate

Related Publications

Nygren, D. J., and M. D. Ukeritis. (1993). Attitude and Behavioral Measures of Membership: A National Survey of Members of Religious Orders, p. 99-105, in The Future of Religious Orders in the United States: Transformation and Commitment.. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Nygren, D. J., and M. D. Ukeritis. (1992). Research Executive Summary: Future of Religious Orders in the United States. Origins, CNS Documentary Service, 22(15), 257-72.

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