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System For Catholic Research, Information and Planning (1960), 1990




Youniss, J., Baker, D., & Schaub, M. (2021, August 22). System For Catholic Research, Information and Planning (1960), 1990.


The aim of this project was to develop a dataset describing the U.S. Catholic Church at the diocesan level. The total project consists of six decades' worth of data, from 1940 through 1990. Diocesan information collected from Church and other sources was merged with U.S. Census data describing population and other characteristics of the counties that make up each diocese.

Data File

Cases: 176
Variables: 244
Weight Variable: None

Data Collection


Funded By

The Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Collection Procedures

Data were compiled from existing records from the Catholic Church and the U.S. Census, including The Official Catholic Directory, Census data, National Council of Churches (Churches and Church Membership Studies), National Catholic Education Association (Brooklyn), and Catholic Charities.

Sampling Procedures

All extant dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church for the United States were included for each decade of compiled data.

Principal Investigators

James Youniss, Dave Baker, Maryellen Schaub, and Life Cycle Institute at The Catholic University of America

Related Publications

Youniss, J, Convey, J. J. and McLellan, J Ed. The Catholic Character of Catholic Schools: Survival and Transformation. Teachers College Press: New York, 2000.

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Schaub, M. and Baker, D. Serving American Catholic Children and Youth: A Diocesan Level Study of PREP and Catholic School Enrollments and Unserved Children. Report for U.S. Catholic Conference Department of Education. Washington, D.C., 1993.

Baker, D. "The Politics of American Catholic School Expansion, 1870-1930." In The Political Construction of Education, Fuller, B. and R. Rubinson (eds.). New York: Praeger, 1992.

Variable Sources:

For variables YEAR to NOETHM60, the data come from the The Official Catholic Directory. For variables SFPER60 to MNWF2160, the data come from the United States Census (Michigan social, economic, and historical data).


Many of the variables in the datasets were originally configured at the county level, thus are reconfigured into multiple variables. For example, if the population is from the Census and aggregated to the diocesan level, variables are denoted with "N" for the number of counties reporting, and with "M" for the number missing. A mean or sum could also have been coded, denoted by "S" or "A," depending on the variable. These letters precede the variable name.

Category labels for DIOCESE
0001 Baltimore, MD
0002 Boston, MA
0003 Chicago, IL
0004 Cincinnati, OH
0005 Dubuque, IA
0006 Milwaukee, WI
0007 New Orleans, LA
0008 New York, NY
0010 Philadelphia, PA
0011 St. Louis, MO
0012 St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN
0013 San Francisco, CA
0014 Santa Fe, NM
0015 Albany, NY
0016 Alexandria, Alexandria-Shreveport, LA
0017 Alton
0018 Altoona-Johnstown, PA
0019 Baker, Baker City, OR
0020 Belleville, IL
0021 Bismarck, ND
0022 Boise, ID
0023 Brooklyn, NY
0024 Buffalo, NY
0025 Burlington, VT
0026 Charleston, SC
0028 Cleveland, OH
0029 Columbus, OH
0030 Concordia, Salina, KS
0031 Corpus Christi, TX
0032 Covington, KY
0033 Crookston, MN
0034 Dallas, TX
0035 Davenport, IA
0036 Denver, CO
0037 Des Moines, IA
0038 Detroit, MI
0039 Duluth, MN
0041 Erie, PA
0042 Fall River, MA
0043 Fargo, ND
0044 Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN
0045 Galveston-Houston, Galveston, TX
0046 Grand Island, NE
0047 Grand Rapids, MI
0048 Great Falls, MT
0049 Green Bay, WI
0050 Harrisburg, PA
0051 Hartford, CT
0052 Helena, MT
0053 Indianapolis, IN
0054 Kansas City, MO***
0055 LaCrosse, WI
0056 Lafayette, LA
0057 Lead, Rapid City, SD
0058 Leavenworth, Kansas City, KS
0059 Lincoln, NE
0060 Little Rock, AR
0061 Louisville, KY
0062 Manchester, NH
0063 Marquette, MI
0064 Mobile, AL
0065 Monterey-Los Angeles, CA
0066 Nashville, TN
0067 Jackson, Natchez, Natchez-Jackson, MS
0068 Newark, NJ
0069 Ogdensburg, NY
0070 Oklahoma City, OK
0071 Omaha, NE
0072 Peoria, IL
0073 Pittsburgh, PA
0074 Portland, ME
0075 Providence, RI
0076 Richmond, VA
0077 Rochester, NY
0078 Rockford, IL
0079 Sacramento, CA
0080 St. Augustine, FL
0081 St. Cloud, MN
0082 St. Joseph, MO***
0083 Salt Lake City, UT
0084 San Antonio, TX
0085 Savannah-Atlanta, Savannah, GA
0086 Scranton, PA
0087 Seattle, WA
0088 Sioux Falls, SD
0089 Spokane, WA
0090 Springfield, MA
0091 Superior, IA
0092 Syracuse, NY
0093 Toledo, OH
0094 Trenton, NJ
0095 Tucson, AZ
0096 Wheeling, WV
0097 Wichita, KS
0099 Winona, MN
0100 Ruthenian Catholic
0101 Nebraska (Vicariate)
0103 Utah Territory (Vicariate)
0104 Kansas (Vicariate)
0106 Natchitoches
0107 Nesqualy
0108 Vincennes
0109 Jamestown, ND
0110 Grass Valley
0111 Los Angeles-San Diego, Los Angeles, CA
0112 Monterey-Fresno, Monterey, CA
0113 Raleigh, NC
0115 Belmont Abbey, NC
0116 Pittsburgh Greek Rite, PA
0117 Ukrainian Greek Catholic
0118 Amarillo, TX
0119 Sioux City, IA
0120 Fairbanks, AK
0121 Springfield, IL
0122 Portland, OR
0123 North Carolina (Vicariate)
0124 Arizona (Vicariate)
0125 Brownsville (Vicariate)
0126 Colorado (Vicariate)
0127 North Minnesota (Vicariate)
0128 Indiana Territory (Prefectures)
0129 Idaho (Prefecture)
0130 Honolulu, HI
0130 Vic-Ap of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
0131 Kearny
0132 Paterson, NJ
0133 Owensboro, KY
0136 Pueblo, CO
0137 Camden, NJ
0139 Reno-Las Vegas, NV
0140 Saginaw, MI
0142 San Diego, CA
0144 Steubenville, OH
0145 Worcester, MA
0146 Youngstown, OH
0149 Lansing, MI
0151 Atlanta, GA
0152 Austin, TX
0153 Bridgeport, CT*
0154 Dodge City, KS
0155 Evansville, IN
0156 Gary, IN
0157 New Ulm, MN
0158 Greensburg, PA
0160 Jefferson City, MO
0161 Joliet, IL
0162 Juneau, AK
0163 Lafayette, IN
0164 Madison, WI
0165 Miami, FL
0169 Birmingham, AL
0172 Phoenix, AZ
0173 Oakland, CA
0174 Stockton, CA
0175 Santa Rosa, CA
0176 Fresno, CA
0177 Orange, CA
0178 San Bernardino, CA
0179 Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL
0180 Orlando, FL
0181 St. Petersburg, FL
0184 Baton Rouge, LA
0185 Houma-Thibodaux, LA
0186 Gaylord, MI
0187 Kalamazoo, MI
0189 Biloxi, MS
0190 Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO
0191 Rockville Centre, NY
0192 Charlotte, NC
0193 Tulsa, OK
0194 Allentown, PA
0195 Memphis, TN
0196 Beaumont, TX
0197 Brownsville, TX
0198 Fort Worth, TX
0199 San Angelo, TX
0200 Arlington, VA
0201 Yakima, WA
0202 Palm Beach, FL
0203 Venice, FL
0204 Lexington, KY
0205 Lake Charles, LA
0206 Knoxville, TN
0207 San Jose, CA
0208 Colorado Springs, CO
0209 Las Cruces, NM
0210 Tyler, TX
0211 Victoria, TX
0212 Metuchen, NJ
0213 Anchorage, AK
0214 Lubbock, TX
0216 Shreveport, LA
8082 Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO**
9027 Cheyenne, WY
9040 El Paso, TX
9064 Mobile, AL
9076 Richmond, VA
9096 Wheeling-Charleston, WV
9098 Wilmington, DE
9103 Colorado and Utah (Vicariate)
9105 Dakota (Vicariate)
9147 Washington, DC
9167 Norwich, CT
9215 Gallup, NM
*A 9 signifies a multi-state diocese. The first 0 is replaced with a 9 for all dioceses that cross over state lines, except when an 8 is in front of the diocese code.

**An 8 signifies a pre-diocese status. These were used when a vicariate preceded the diocese or when the diocese changed names.

***Two separate diocese were listed together in 1885, Kansas City and St. Joseph. The information for these diocese was coded under St. Joseph.

When a diocese is multi-state, the state of the diocese name is used for the state code. Dioceses that are not in existence but have a 9 in front of the state code are incorporated into another diocese of another state those years. In these cases, the diocese code does not have a 9 in front. When the state code changes from a 0 to a 9, that area is initially in state and then changes to multi-state.

For PYS60 (Parent Year Start)
Many dioceses can be traced back to several different originating dioceses. The most recent split is reported. A 0 indicates that no parent existed; a -1 indicates this is an original parent diocese.

For PID60 (Parent ID)
Diocese code for the PYS (parent year start); a 0 indicates that no parent existed; a -1 indicates this is an original parent diocese.

For ES60 (number of elementary schools) and HS60 (number of high schools)
Schools listed as an elementary school and a high school are counted twice; if the figures are not disaggregated, the enrollment and the teacher variables are counted in the elementary school category only. This applies also for elementary schools with one or two years of high school.

For ACASCH60 (number of miscellaneous academies)
Normal schools, training schools for religious, junior colleges, and training schools for nurses are not included in the totals. All colored, Indian, and other types of schools, such as conservatories, institutes, villas, and convents, are counted in the category that best describes the curriculum.

For ORASY60 (number of orphan asylums)
Includes all orphan asylums, orphanages, orphanage schools, and home for children with orphans listed. If the institution is called an orphanage school, if the attendants are listed as pupils or students, or if teachers are noted, it is counted twice, once as an orphanage and once as a school - categorized according to the description in the text.

For CARE60 (number of children under Catholic care)
The recapitulation is used, in which this is usually listed distinctly. If it is not, the total students under Catholic instruction and the total dependent children are added together.

For CHPRTS60 (total churches with a priest)
Includes the number of churches with resident priests or parishes with resident pastor. Does not include chapels, missions, stations, churches "attended by" a priest, counties with a reverend, or church with a reverend. It does include churches being built with a reverend listed.

For DIOPRT60 (number of diocesan priests)
Total number of diocesan or secular priests listed in the recapitulation as active in the diocese for that year.

For TOTCH60 (total number of churches)
Includes all churches; excludes chapels, stations, etc. If no figure is given in the recapitulation, the total number of parish churches is added to the missions with churches (which is counted from the Directory).

For DOB60 to INC60
Bishops' information is taken from both The Official Catholic Directory and Ordinations of Catholic Bishops, 1780-1989. Information for new bishops in 1990 is gleaned from the The Official Catholic Directory.

The national parishes and ethnic missions in regular parishes, listed in the text, are coded according to the following codes and totaled for each ethnicity. Each different combination is counted as one distinct category.

01 Austrian
02 Belgian
03 Canadian
04 Dutch
05 English
06 French
07 German
08 Irish
09 Italian
10 Scottish
11 Spanish
12 Swiss
13 Welsh
14 Portuguese
15 Chinese
16 Colored
17 Croatian
18 Lithuanian
19 Polish
20 Bohemian
21 Slovak
22 Syrian
23 Syro-Melchite
24 Slovenian
25 American Indian
26 Armenian
27 Bohemian and English
28 Byzantine Rite
29 Byzantine-Rumanian
30 Byzantine-Slavonic
31 Chaldean Rite
32 For Creole and Colored
33 Czechoslovakian
34 Dutch
35 Dutch and English
36 Dutch and German
37 Eastern Melchite
38 Filipino
39 French and Belgian
40 French, Belgian and Dutch
41 French and English
42 French, English and German
43 German and English
44 German and Hungarian
45 German and Italian
46 Greek Melchite
47 Hungarian (Magyar)
48 Hungarian-Ruthenian Rite
49 Italian and English
50 Italian, English and German
51 Italo-Greek Albanese
52 Italian, Portuguese and Mexican
53 Italian and Spanish-American
54 Japanese
55 Latin
56 Lebanese
57 Lebanese-Maronite
58 Maltese
59 Maltese and Italian
60 Maronite
61 Melchite
62 Melchite-Byzantine
63 Mexican
64 Pittsburgh Greek Rite
65 Polish and German
66 Polish and Lithuanian
67 Puerto Rican
68 Romanian
69 Romanian-Greek
70 Russian
71 Russian Byzantine Rite
72 Russian Greco-Slav Rite
73 Slav
74 Slavonian
75 Slovak and Bohemian
76 Slovak and Polish
78 Spanish and English
79 Spanish-Portuguese
80 Syrian
81 Syro-Chaldean
82 Syrian Greek Melchite
83 Syrian and Italian
84 Syrian Lebanese Melchite
85 Syro-Maronite
86 Ukrainian Rite
87 Tyrolese
88 Ukrainian Byzantine
89 Ukrainian Byzantine Slavonic
90 Ukrainian Greek
91 Ukrainian Ruthenian
92 Yugoslav
93 Passaic Byzantine Rite
94 Passaic Greek Rite
95 Italian, Chinese and English
96 For Spanish-speaking/Hispanic
97 Byelorussian
98 Lithuanian and Mexican
99 Latvian
100 Korean
101 Greek
102 For migrant workers
103 German and Spanish
104 German and French
105 Hungarian Byzantine Rite
106 Black and Hispanic
107 Chinese and English
108 Japanese and Korean
109 Italian and French
110 Indo-Chinese
111 Polish, Spanish and English
112 Syro-Malabar Rite
113 Malankara Rite
114 Albanian
115 Vietnamese
116 Russian Greek
117 Antiochan Syrian
118 English, Italian and Portuguese
119 Italian and Hispanic
120 Portuguese and Mexican
121 Salvadoran
122 Southeast Asian
123 Croatian and Slovenian
124 Multi-cultured/Interracial
125 Ge'ez Rite (Ethiopian)
126 English-speaking/American
127 For Spanish- and English-speaking
128 Indian and White
129 Indian and English
For all variables, -9 is used when the diocese existed, but the information was not reported in the The Official Catholic Directory. A -8 is used in creating rectangular files to represent areas in which no diocese was present before the diocese that starts sometime after 1870. Therefore, this is a nonexistent diocese. A -7 is used to indicate that the diocese is not rectangular because it has split from a parent and the information is therefore located in the parent information prior to its start.

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