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Tulsa Oklahoma Area Science and Technology Survey, 1981




Eckberg, D., & Nesterenko, A. (2021, June 1). Tulsa Oklahoma Area Science and Technology Survey, 1981.


This survey is part of an investigation of the nature of public attitudes toward science and technology. Religiosity, educational and occupational background, political attitudes and opinions and attitudes about a variety of scientific topics are topics covered in the questionnaire. Data collection was carried out by senior mass communication and sociology majors under the supervision of the principal investigators.

The ARDA has added four additional variables to the original data set to enhance the users' experience on our site.

Data File

Cases: 308
Variables: 42
Weight Variable: None

Data Collection

Spring, 1981

Collection Procedures

Telephone interviews

Sampling Procedures

The target population for this survey was adults age 18 or older, residing in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area. The sample was drawn from the Greater Tulsa telephone directory; a systematic sample of pages and random sample of columns and phone numbers; in the event a commercial number was drawn, the number immediately below it was used; in the event of a refusal interviewers moved to the next available number on the page. 54% of those contacted agreed to the interview, yielding an N of 308.

Principal Investigators

Douglas Eckberg
Alexander Nesterenko

Related Publications

Nesterenko, Alexander and Douglas Eckberg, "Attitudes Toward Technology and Science in a Biblebelt City," Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology 12 (1984):63-68.

Eckberg, Douglas and Alexander Nesterenko, "For and Against Evolution: Religion, Social Class, and the Symbolic Universe, The Social Science Journal 22 (1985):1-17.

Note 1

Occupational Prestige Scores for OCCUP (VAR 5). The Three-digit code used here is the NORC Rank x 10.

35 Scientist
80 Federal Gov't cabinet member, College Professor, Congressional Representative
110 Chemist, Lawyer, Diplomat
140 Dentist, Architect, Judge
175 Corporate Director, Mayor
215 Civil engineer, State Gov't Department Head
245 Banker, Biologist
260 Sociologist
275 Public School Instructor
295 Accountant, School Teacher
315 Building Contractor, Factory Owner
345 Professional Artist, Musician
390 Electrician, Agricultural Agent
415 Trained Machinist, Printing Shop Owner
440 Farm Owner, Undertaker, Welfare Worker
460 Newspaper Columnist
470 Policeman
495 Radio Announcer
515 Insurance Agent
530 Carpenter
545 Labor Union Official
570 Mail Carrier, Railroad Conductor
590 Plumber
600 Automobile Repairman
625 Barber, Playground Director
700 Store Clerk
805 Restaurant Waiter
830 Janitor, Bartender
996 Housewife
997 Other
998 Retired
999 No response

Note 2

College Major Codes for MAJOR (VAR 7)
100 Arts and Sciences--No Major
104 Economics
109 History
111 Mathematics
114 Political Science
115 Psychology
116 Religion
117 Sociology
141 Rhetoric and Writing
142 Literature
200 Education--No Major
201 Elementary Education
203 Special Education (MR)
222 Secondary Educ/English
223 Secondary Educ/Speech
232 Secondary Educ/Sci (Phys)
301 Law
400 Engineering--No Major
403 Chemistry
404 Electrical
407 Geology
408 Geophysics
409 Mechanical Engineering
411 Computer Science
412 Systems Engineering
500 Business--No Major
501 Accounting
502 Economics
503 Finance
504 Management
505 Marketing
602 Art
604 Music
621 Computer Science
626 Mass Media News
631 Cellular Biology
701 Nursing
998 Other
999 Don't know, No response

Note 3

Religion Codes for RELIGION (VAR 8)
501 Christian Scientist
301 Episcopal
302 Congregational
303 Quaker
401 Presbyterian
600 Jewish (all branches)
304 Reformed
305 Methodist
402 Lutheran
306 Christian (Disciples of Christ)
201 Assembly of God
202 Brethrens
203 Church of Christ
307 United Church of Christ
204 Holiness groups
205 Churches of God
206 Jehovah's Witnesses
207 Nazarene Churches
208 Pentecostal
209 7th Day Adventists
210 Missionary Baptists
100 Roman Catholic
211 Baptist (or Southern Baptist)
308 American Baptist
212 Mormon (Latter Day Saints)
403 Protestant (no designation)
701, 702 Atheist/Agnostic
309 Church of England
310 Unitarians
214 Evangelical Free Church of America
213 Charismatic Christians
802 Other non-Christians
801 Other Christians
502 Scientology
703 No preference
999 No response

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