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The Methodist-Pietist family consists of churches that stress the importance of internal faith, spirituality and Christian living over adherence to formal creeds and doctrine. The largest among these churches is the United Methodist Church, which follows the teachings of John Wesley, who in the 18th century broke away from the Church of England because of his emphasis on personal holiness. Other Methodist churches include the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Reformed Methodist Union Episcopal Church Reformed Methodist Union Episcopal Kodesh Church of Immanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church Zion Union Apostolic Church Free Christian Zion Church of Christ African Methodist Episcopal Zion Free Methodist Church Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches Bible Protestant Church Methodist Protestant Church First Methodist Protestant Church African Union First Methodist Protestant Church Union American Methodist Episcopal Church African Union Church Evangelical Methodist Church Methodist Episcopal Church United Methodist Church Methodist Church Southern Methodist Church Methodist Episcopal Church (South) Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Congregational Methodist Church Pilgrim Holiness Chuch Wesleyan Church Wesleyan Methodist Church in America Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection Evangelical United Brethren Church United Brethren in Christ United Christian Church Colored Methodist Episcopal Church

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