Students will examine and participate in the design, development, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of surveys. The culminating activity enables the students to apply the skills and knowledge that they have developed in order to implement a survey of their own design and then interpret and report the results of their survey. The project is made up of several modules. The project can be used in its entirety, or different modules can be used to supplement other classroom goals and objectives. Although this project is student centered, it is not a standalone project that students work through independently. Teachers must take an active role in presenting, modifying and managing the different aspects of the project. Please feel free to use any and or all of the learning resources presented as part of this project.

Lesson 1: Surveys, Samples, and Population

Provides an introduction to the basics of survey research and terminology.

Lesson 2: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

Students will review and evaluate summary information for the National Survey of Youth and Religion (NSYR).

Lesson 3: Exploring a Survey

Students will review the NSYR to find interesting survey items.

Lesson 4: Establishing a Goal for Your Survey

Students will establish goals for their own survey and develop a research question.

Lesson 5: Identify Your Population

Students will determine the population that they wish to survey.

Lesson 6: Selecting a Sample

Students will create a plan for identifying a random sample to survey.

Lesson 7: Select Questions from National Study of Youth and Religion

Students will select questions from the NSYR to include on their survey.

Lesson 8: Write Your Ten Questions

Students will develop ten original survey questions.

Lesson 9: Create Your Final Questionnaire

Students will develop and pilot their questionnaire.

Lesson 10: Implementing Your Questionnaire

Students will implement their questionnaire.

Lesson 11: Organizing the Results

Students will collect and organize survey data.

Lesson 12: Reporting Results

Students will create a research report from their survey data.

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