Women and Men in the Catholic Church

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It doesn't surprise most people to learn that men and women have different patterns of religious behaviors and actions. Much of this is the result of traditional gender roles and the gendered division of labor supported by many religions. However, while the roles of men and women may be different, men and women generally believe in worshipping the same God (or gods), sharing the same sets of scriptures, and having the same set of basic beliefs. Since these shared beliefs often dictate different roles for men and women, it is not surprising that a single creed could cause men and women to have very different and distinct patterns of religious behaviors. But is it possible that women and men could hold different beliefs, even within the same denomination? In this module we use the Catholic Church in the United States as a case study in order to examine how the religious beliefs of women and men can differ significantly even within the same denomination.

Skills Utilized

  • Interpreting graphs and tables
  • Hypothesis testing

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